Virali Modi – Meet the enigmatic wheel Chair bound actress who cheated death twice!


Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny – C.S. Lewis.

One look at her and people might feel that Virali Modi is a typical disabled woman going about her life. But one peek into her life though will tell us that Virali is much more than her looks. A writer by profession, she sensitizes the general public by sharing her experience as disabled women in a not-so-inclusive country like India. In addition to this, she also brings focus on issues such as feminism, LGBTQ, disability and sexuality through Point of View.

While she had a pretty perfect childhood, fate turned tables in her adult life. A seemingly normal disease led her to lose the usage of her legs and she could not complete her image4education. However, she did not lose hope on life. Every hardship that she has faced has motivated her to become a strong-willed and independent woman. She has used every broken friendship, every hurtful word her family has said, and every broken relationship where family, friends, and boyfriends have criticized her for being wheelchair bound as the spark for me to become who she is today.  The negativity fuelled her to become a strong, opinionated, independent, and motivated woman. She also has a good support system in the form of her parents and current boyfriend who have really pushed her to become the best version of herself. They are her best mates and constantly encourage her.

Every time the disability or the social stigma surrounding it threatens to put her down or demotivate her, she pushes herself to get away from the darkness. She strongly feels that one must not give up under any circumstance. Her strong belief is that there’s always going to be light after the dark, no matter how far the light might seem. “Do what you believe in and what you love. Your passions and aspirations are far more important than what anyone else wants for you. Another thing that I’d like to mention is to stop caring about what other people think! Everyone is going to have an opinion, but that doesn’t define you. What defines you is what you think of yourself”, shares Virali.

However simple and inspirational this may seem, practically such mature days are rare instances. There are days where darkness overwhelms you.

How does Virali get through it?

She thinks back to her struggles and finds a resolve that if she can cross a time where she couldn’t even feed herself; the oncoming hurdles are easy to cross. “I’m normal, I get image3-1demotivated from time to time too. If needed, I’ll have a quick cry and then I’ll move on from it. I won’t dwell on it” she tells us.

Her daily routine involves waking up and completing her morning regimen post which she travels to Navi Mumbai from Malad for therapy. After completing her workout, she comes back home for lunch. Her workout sessions continue in the evenings as well. After the intense workout, she goes out with her friends to decompress.  Being an aspiring actress, she feels that her biggest challenge so far has been convincing directors to give her a chance. She is now directly contacting directors and sharing her story with them but the road to an open door is still fraught with challenges. However, she strongly believes that the only way to get new opportunities is to ask for them and going after them relentlessly.

An inspiration to herself, she looks up to her parents. Her mother’s strength and perseverance along with her father’s love inspire her to do more and achieve more. Her philosophy about life is simple: love and laugh as much as possible. Life is too short for hate and regrets. People who know her closely will tell us that she is an embodiment of this. When asked about her proudest moment, Virali shares an incident wherein her father who used to tell her that she would not be able to go a long way without educations expressed his pride in her. Her dad told her, “I’m so proud of you, of what you’re doing, and of what you’ve achieved. I feel proud to know that you’re my daughter.”

The team at Storified.Me is proud to feature her on our platform and wish her great success in all her future endeavors.

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