Varuna Bhambhani – Meet this Engineering student who has turned into a profitable subziwali!

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“When everything is going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. The start-up story that we bring to you today was conceived over a cup of coffee during a “Coffee with Varuna Bhambhani” at Indore in March 2015. She is also an entrepreneur who became an engineer before she could think of what she wanted to be. Currently, in her third year at MediCaps engineering college, she is not blinded by the gleam of fat pay-cheques that engineering can offer her. Varuna has always believed in herself and her ability to put effort into doing cool things that matter. Moreover, after much exposure to the industry, she realized that she can only give her best if she is her own master – working under someone else was somewhat unacceptable to her.

The next thing she needed was an idea to work upon with all the pent up energy inside her, which struck her on a coffee table, sitting with friends. They were brainstorming on how hyperlocal delivery startups only target households, leaving out businesses which require a certain level of sophistication and trust to start with. Determined to bring about a change in the then untapped market of fruits and vegetables, and carving a niche for herself, Varuna officially started SaralHai in March of 2015 & there has been no looking back since then.

SaralHai provides service to businesses, individual households, and any other customer who wants to avail them, by delivering fresh fruits and vegetables at low prices and without hassles. It was initially made to gain traction by interacting with the end-consumer of the fruits and vegetables, that is, by employing a B2C model. Later on, after getting valuable experience and an even more valuable customer base, Varuna went on to provide SaralHai’s service to business like restaurants and cafes in Indore. Their target audience is both individuals and businesses, which made them evolve from B2C to B2B to finally H2H – human-to-human business model.

But for such a novel start-up, the challenges were humungous. The entry barriers to the market posed the biggest challenge. The existing local players – like the trusted roadside vendors – had a strong hold on the market. Gaining the trust of the customers and convincing them to try new and advanced ways of placing orders for something as common as vegetables was tiring, to begin with, but perseverance and dedication on the part of the team members at SaralHai ensured a befitting recognition for such a remarkable start-up. When a trusted brand is to be built, there can be no compromise as far as the customer is concerned. At SaralHai, the first priority is the customer, the second priority is the customer, and the third priority is profit. Varuna believes that one can get windfall profits later too if one has a strong and dependable customer base.

For her mother, Varuna is the Geeta of Dangal, for whom hard work was worship. Varuna believes that opportunity looks more like hard work. SaralHai is her soul and she has given her everything to SaralHai – her temptations, her fears, and her apprehensions notwithstanding – because she believes in her vision of SaralHai. Due to her ability to dream and believe in dreams, she has been able to great within 1 year of starting-up. Varuna also values her relationships a lot. She believes that she is as strong as the relations she builds. Delivering on time, cutting down on variable costs to offer the best price, and keeping promises, are some tips that Varuna has found very effective in getting new clients and retaining them.

During stressful times, Varuna talks to her friends who have been with her through thick and thin or watch movies or listen to music. Inspired by the ubiquitous and indomitable human spirit in each and every person around, Varuna places her trust in her dreams and her capability to fulfill her dreams. She has been a hyperactive person since her childhood. Yet to receive her entire family’s support, Varuna has set sailing against the tides only with her mother’s support.

Here’s wishing Varuna a successful SaralHai and hoping that she receives her family’s support to pillar her confidence on.