Vaishnavi Talawadekar – Meet the “Mangomonk” who is spreading beautifully engaging content around the globe!


“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” -Elbert Hubbard

There are generally two types of people in this world; those who are driven by numbers and those who thrive on the cautiously painted words. Vaishnavi Talawadekar (Mangomonk) belongs to the latter, though she realized it much later in her life, then again it’s never too late to let the power of writing lead you on to an immortal life. When it came to choosing a career after school, she would’ve preferred journalism or mass communication but instead, she opted for a “perceived” safer route and followed her father’s footsteps.

After finishing her MBA, Vaishnavi landed a job in sales and marketing. Things were very smooth, she had the perfect life of a millennial until that one “every day” of analysing excel sheets in 2015, she decided to hear her inner voice and thus began her journey into the world of beautiful words.

Vaishnavi launched Mangomonk in April 2016, which hasn’t only been proven to be successful but also provided her with a sense of reason in life.

Mangomonk is a content firm that specialises in written content. The inspiration for Mangomonk stems from a void in the content market for powerful, potent storytellers. While you’ll find numerous marketing agencies offering complete content packages, the written content crafted within these often falls short. Mangomonk is rooted exclusively in written content creation.

One of the biggest challenges according to Vaishnavi has been getting people to understand the absolute point and meaning of content writing. Most people think of content as limited to video, film and social media formats. Few people really understand the value or scope of it. That said, the demand for well-written content for her has exploded in cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. Clients are truly invested in their content strategies and many have specific ways that they’d like their stories told. The fact that she gets to work with such fantastic people is more than she could ask for.

With the evolution of the market, people’s perception about writing has also changed and is eventually upgrading since she began her venture. This has been her way of overcoming her challenges, by making sure people understand that writing isn’t just easily done in-house or outsourced to a traditional marketing agency but carefully crafted words have more of an impact than one thinks, and marketers know that. A well-written website or blog can tip a client in her favour.

Vaishnavi’s nomadic childhood was spent in Delhi, London and Bangalore. Living the life of a traveller, she had switched six schools until the end of High School.

Her typical day varies. But normally, she’s licked awake by her goofy dog who insists on being walked at 6.30 in the morning. Mornings are spent catching up on relevant edits proposed by clients, and then she moves on to fresh content to be created that day. At the beginning of every month, she draws up a daily calendar for herself, so that her time is rationed adequately. Working from home has made her practically immune to Bangalore’s infamous traffic, thus giving her more time to focus on her daily goals.

Her advice to others would be that it’s never too late to take the plunge towards your dreams. Difficult times are nonexistent for her as she believes in overcoming them effortlessly. Her inspiration resides in her lovely dog who teaches her to rise early and to stop and smell the flowers; and sometimes, the dirt.

Vaishnavi has a very interesting business philosophy That the pen is mightier than the keyboard. Inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere. It’s always good to have a pen and paper handy. It evokes a certain creativity that a device can’t. wishes Vaishnavi good luck on her journey in the world of words. Catch her with her eloquence and elegance out on links listed below