Umita Melwani – How a Commerce Graduate found Languages to be her true calling!



A graduate in Commerce, Bengaluru girl Umita Melwani had been working for a few years in her husband’s garment store when she read about someone offering Spanish courses and decided to join up for the same. Spanish was a language she always knew as a child since her mother had grown up in Spain and made several trips there as her family still lives there. She thought she would have  to work hard on her Spanish but when she joined the course, the teacher there told her after a few classes that she actually knew more than him and subsequently she realized that she knew more than the other teachers too.

84c44570-c7d5-4c62-887a-900de67648fcUmita set up her Institute of Foreign Language and Culture in 2007. At her Institute Umita teaches Spanish and its culture. Her job involves a lot of course creation and training new teachers who join her Institute. In addition, she also designs courses for Companies with specific language requirements.

She starts her day by looking at Admin reports, checking on the progress of ongoing classes. Since she teaches higher levels in Spanish she needs to spend at least an hour a day on the course preparation.

Umita reveals that this year they are launching a comprehensive Language Specialist cum Translator Diploma which will make a person ready to work in a Corporate as soon as they finish the course. It’s been very challenging since it’s the first time that such a course will be launched in India and its being done along with a Translation Company. She adds that it’s a very practical and industry driven course. She says she loves challenges and that’s the only thing that keeps her job from becoming mundane. Her philosophy is simple- Strive to the best and keep learning.


Umita says the word of mouth works wonders and it is always her students who refer their friends and family to her. She strongly states that learning Foreign Languages is very important in this day and age. Globalization is the reality. Having said that she feels a different language opens the door to a new world and a new culture. Not to forget it helps you grow as a person.

Umita says there are times when she gets disheartened but she always bounces back. She draws her inspiration from a lot of people but mainly from her own community. She says that they belong to the Sindhi community and her grandparents and parents reached different shores as refugees after partition. Yet with hard work and dedication they are now a very affluent and peaceful community everywhere without the help of any government or any kind of reservation.

There is a famous Spanish poem by Antonio Machado and she quotes her favourite line from it: “CAMINANTE, NO HAY CAMINO, SE HACE EL CAMINO AL ANDAR”–  There is no path, each one makes their path as he/ she walks. Umita definitely is blazing her own path and Team wishes her all the success!

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