Enriching kid’s lives with perfect blend of games and learning, Dhara Mehta- a mompreneur, knows how to play it right!


 How many of us can say that our work is a child’s game?

Well, Dhara can say that; Not because her work is as easy as a child’s game, but is literally about child’s game. It is not easy but is definitely fun filled. Let’s take a deeper insight into the unique venture of Dhara Mehta, which is known as “The Kids Company”.

Dhara believes that the early years of kids should be filled with games that stimulate learning in a fun way and with that thought, “The Kids Company” came into existence in 2013. The Kids Company is a center for children, where kids ranging from 3 to 7 years come together to learn things in the form of games. It is an intelligence building program involving a lot of games and fun activities. This center is unique because it looks beyond the academic perspective and teaches kids things as per their age in a way that suits them best by having different concepts and themes for different age groups. This center works on the development of kids to improve skills, communication, problem-solving and much more, all wrapped in a fun filled session. They involve a lot of brain tickling activities like I.Q sessions, sudoku, crosswords, mazes, etc.
This unique idea stuck a chord to Dhara when she was spending a lot of time with her son playing board games and puzzles and realized how much games were important for kids to let them think, discover, create, try, interact and have fun at the same time. She believes that ‘play is the work of childhood and the best form of education’. Usually, parents don’t give so much importance to games as they fail to notice how much a child can learn from it. The biggest of life’s lessons lie in those small games. How those games taught us to make new friends joining someone’s game, have patience when a snake bit you at 99, to be careful and alert in a donkey money card game, the spirit of keep trying again even after losing in a ‘Lagori’ or even a ‘monopoly’.

What started off in a room at her house has now grown big with two separate centers in Juhu and Jamnabai Narsee School. Till now it may sound about a center making kids play games, but those games are planned and curated carefully and strategically to have elements of applying concepts, thrilling and exciting activities, many international and national award winning games, with the perfect mix of intellect, fun, and surprise. All sessions are unique in some way or the other, so kids are never bored and novelty continues to be the essence of their work. They have a multi-level program i.e the seeds, pods, sprouts and buds which uniquely symbolizes the kids from nursery to grade 1. The effort and the thought behind every idea here is so focused and child oriented. This speaks gallons about Dhara’s love for kids and her dedication to formulating things with utmost professionalism backed up by research and creativity.

Dhara has toured the corporate world too as an ex-media professional after her MBA in marketing and as Early Childhood Care and Education Provider (E.C.C.D), yet in Kids company, she found her happiness and peace. The Kids Company is not just result of a thought but of efforts and passion she put into this idea. She had to face challenges to run the venture in her home where initially people misunderstood her concept as some sort of tuition, but her unique sessions proved them all wrong. Having the venture in one’s home adds more complications to one’s work-life but planning and time are the teachers. She religiously follows her routine and more importantly her heart to make it happen, no matter what.

So what does a day in her life look like?

Her routine is one parade that kicks off at 5:30 am. Right from waking up to doing all household chores where the house is like the base of titanic where the food is cooked, packed, served, while all the cleaning and organizing happens at the same time. Once her son and husband are off to their duties, she gets into work mode and goes to the center, stays there until 3 pm. The work doesnt stop their for Dhara, soon after she has picked her son, she heads back to the centre with her son and generally ends it around 7 pm. Once home, it usually involves finishing school work, dinner and bedtime by 10 pm. She believes in ‘organizing your life around dreams and watch them come true’. This routine surely says a lot about her personality and can be only followed by someone truly strong, disciplined and passionate about their dreams and life.

Dhara was a strong girl since forever. She lived a very simple life in her childhood and if today she’s an independent woman and a responsible Mompreneur then it all traces back to the history when in her teenage, her mother had to make a short unplanned visit to her native place!

She used to take care of the house, cooking, cleaning and looked after her father. She never thought it was a burden for her – instead, she took it as a challenge and that spirit has made her what she is today. She believes that the good memories of childhood are something to look back and smile at, but one smiles more proudly when one makes memories despite all the challenges. Her family has always been important to her. Friends have been limited and they came and went like waves.  But one best friend has been constant, and that was her mother. School and college life was fun for her as well. Incidentally, this is where she found her life partner and that made it all the more special!

Her husband has been backing her up to keep going and to let her chase her dreams. He found his inspiration in her dedication. He loves her passion about work. He often has to tell her to relax and spend some time with herself, to tell her that it is okay to sit down and not do anything. But a woman who’s heart is brimming with passion and ambition can barely keep calm and not do anything. Her mantra is to stay focused and show negativity the back door, “to follow your passion with utmost dedication, everything else falls into place”. Which works in her case, as she does no marketing for her work, except that her clients do, i.e the kids go and narrate their experience with other kids who eventually join too and that’s how ‘The Kids Company’ has grown. Her dreams come true every day when she sees the children and their smiling faces while they have fun at the sessions. Their innocence and energy are her inspiration.

Undoubtedly, Dhara Mehta is an inspiration for every mother, every entrepreneur, and we at Storified.Me wish her the very best for all her aspirations and dreams!