I Love You Dad For All That You Did For Me But I Do Still Miss Our Cycle Rides!

Cycle Tales

Those were the days before scooters were introduced, people travelled would travel on cycle. I knew one such common man who travelled on a cycle every day, despite rain or shine. He was my “DAD”, he travelled a long distance of 18kms to and fro daily to reach Nashik city. Despite this long, tiring commute Daddy never complained about anything rather he would give us a ride every day. We would pick me and my brother and lovingly place us on the “Hero Cycle”, indeed it was my hero’s cycle!

Dad would start singing while riding “…yeh dil hai mushkil jeena yaha…” I still remember vividly that it was the most beautiful journey of my life! The cycle would hop and jump but I would still feel so incredibly secure and happy. I still remember the tickle and the giggle every time the cycle bounced over a puddle or a hurdle! Dad’s cycle taught me to be humble, patient, brave and the biggest of all it taught us to be simple. Every day I am grateful to God for choosing such amazing parents for me!

Today I’m promoting cycling for women in India, I Support Women’s Fitness and have launched my website for fitness enthusiasts. My only dream now is to make my dad very proud of me! I Thank him for all the values, the knowledge he has imparted to me. I’ve failed several times in the past but as my dad says, every time you fall you get up, u rub off the dust tighten your ponytail and move ahead…❤

Do you miss your dad, or have another such fantastic story to share with us. Write it here now!

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