Tanya Chopra: Meet this Terpsichore who is now creating a niche as an Independent PR and Digital Media Consultant!


Tanya Chopra is an Independent PR and Digital Media Consultant. Her clientele is mainly from the Entertainment, Lifestyle and Hospitality sector. She’s worked with well-renowned PR agencies that gave me wide exposure to various areas of PR/communications and writing.

Born with a Terpsichore-an bone; Tanya has been dancing since she was 4 years old. “I am a trained Bharat Natyam dancer, have been a part of Shiamak Davar’s Special Potential Batch for two years and I am currently learning Belly Dancing. So, if at all, I wasn’t a publicist by profession, I’d probably be learning and performing away to glory at Hollywood’s Hottest Dance Studio-Millennium Dance Complex,” Tanya told me.

A Mumbai girl since her birth, Tanya completed her schooling from St Louis Convent High School and is a B.Com graduate from R.D National College. She started working immediately after that and completed her M.Com from the Mumbai University. Talking about her family, she says, “I live with my mom, elder brother and bhabhi. My mom is a teacher since 3 decades, elder brother is a Software Engineer and is currently working as an Independent IT Consultant and trainer. My bhaabhi is a software engineer, too. We’re an ambitious yet rooted Punjabi family.”

Freelancing is more difficult than most people realize. Echoing my thoughts, Tanya says, “Well, It is a stressful game! In my case, it takes a lot of dedication and discipline to continue to navigate the challenges of client services day in and day out and still manage to keep business flowing in. But then on the brighter side, a thing I do like about being independent is the flexibility around my lifestyle, I can pick and choose what I’d like to work on and I don’t need to consult anyone about anything.”

I was curious about how freelancing as a PR person works, since almost everyone I know is associated with an agency. “When you tell people, you are a PR, the next question will always be ‘So what does a PR exactly do?’. I think people have this whole misconception about PRs, like I have had a few people come and tell me “Wow, you hangout with so many celebrities” and all I want to do is tell them “Yes, that’s because it’s my job. Only one part of my job, actually.” I wish there was a better word than hangout that they would use though… hahahah. I mean, it’s just like any other job, the only difference is you are dealing with a lot of fancy and glamorous people. I think it’s a difficult job too because as a PR professional you are the voice that will build images, change perceptions. PR professionals are the voice of the brand in Print, Radio, TV and Online; they create a rich history and story for the brand that they share with the public through the media.”

Tanya made the decision to go independent because of the control I’d have over the quality of work. But, she clarified, just because independent PR practitioners work on their own; with a smaller pool of clients, doesn’t mean the role is any less challenging. “In fact, it can be more challenging when you’re managing every area of work and running the business. Managing day-to-day workload, plus the business side of things, for example accounts and admin, plus looking for new business opportunities is one of the single biggest challenges!”

Talking more about the challenges she faces, Tanya said, “The second challenge I face would be knowing when to take on an additional person. Even if I have identified who I want to work with, the question is do I have the time to invest in training the person to be the person I need? The third would be – There are no off days!  If you do plan a holiday or a short vacation, the challenge comes when you’re an independent PR practitioner and don’t have anyone to hand over to. But then, it depends from person to person, my ultimate goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from.”

Tanya’s mantra for life is simple – “Since I am a full time terpsichorean, there’s this dance movie Chicago which is my all time favorite; a song from that called Nowadays has this line You can like the life you’re living. You can live the life you like…. Well, I am living the life I like.

Tanya is doing amazing work in the field of PR and we wish her all the best!