Swati Saxena – How a mother of two went on to start her own Personalised Furnishing Business!!!


As a mother of two high-spirited and creative kids, Gurgaon girl Swati Saxena was constantly on her toes to keep them occupied, she used to keep thinking of creative and fun things to do, and to buy products that they would love to own. She found that most such products would often either be exclusive and priced really high or were of a quality that was a real let down. Sometimes they did not serve the purpose and were not exactly what she required. Swati, herself an MBA Marketing from the Fore School of Management had just recently returned to Delhi after being abroad with her husband. A chance coffee conversation with a friend led to the start of “Sweet Somethings by Swati” in 2012 where she decided to provide high-quality products which would be custom made to the clients’ requirements. With the designing and quality assurance in her hands, she could ensure that her bath linen was super-absorbent; her bed linen of the softest feel and just the right thread count; and all her products, bespoke – down to the exact measurements and style. Swati also decided to not stick to only children’s products and rather manufacture for everyone as well as personalise them with names.

‘Sweet Somethings by Swati’ offers the clients custom-made embroidered and appliqué work in soft furnishings and home accessories. All their products can also be personalized or monogrammed for that special touch. Their product range encompasses all age groups and is especially a huge hit among kids. Their range includes Bath linen, Bed linen, Kitchen linen, Cushions, Shaped Cushions, Curtains, Blinds and a wide array of accessories such as fabric pencil cases, bags, passport holders, hair clip organizers, file folders etc. They currently have over 60 products in their portfolio. Not only that, they have recently launched some non-personalised towels on firstcry.com .

hamperSwati proudly declares that their USP lies in the fact that they take customization to the highest level and work with their clients keeping in mind their aesthetic sense, likes and dislikes, and they do this at highly competitive pricing and not compromising on quality in any manner. She especially loves it when her clients come to her with an idea and trust her to convert it into reality for them.

A typical day in Swati’s life starts as it probably does for all parents of school going kids…in a mad rush! Once they leave, the first half is dedicated to coordination with the production department and calls to clients whose orders are currently in the pipeline. A lot of her work is online-  promotions on social media sites and on her page take up some time of the day. Keeping in touch with new and prospective clients via meetings, emails and messages is something that is a big part of a regular working day. Like most working mothers, she likes to keep the latter half free for her kids once they are back home and prefers not to step out for meetings, if avoidable. However, being an entrepreneur, she is available via other media round the clock.

Speaking of the challenges faced by Sweet Somethings, Swati reflects that at times many people feel that an online robeshopping experience may not give them the touch and feel of the product. Many a time their expectations are different from the actual product. Converting such clients and gaining their trust is one of the biggest challenges that she faces but she has in her own thoughtful way devised a solution to this, too. Swati says that she understands the viewpoint of the clients and so her team makes it a point to keep the clients updated about the designing and production at each stage so that they are a part of the whole process and don’t just receive the end product without the know-how.

Asked about the most reliable way of getting new clients, Swati confidently says that the products and their quality speak for themselves and word-of-mouth is always a great and effective tool in new business development. Many existing clients refer them to their known associates, family and friends. Networking channels and meets also prove effective in spreading the word about their niche work.

Swati offers very simple and precise advice to others in business- Just follow your instincts. More often than not, they lead you to the right path. Add to that a whole lot of enthusiasm and belief in yourself, your team and your product; and you are sorted.

diaper bag boat-firstcry (1) IMG_5346

It goes without saying that the path to success is full of ups and downs. Swati says that when faced with difficult times, the smiling photos of her little clients clicked by their moms and sent to her, keep her motivated. She keeps an album on her Facebook Page of these happy customers as a reminder of the joy her products spread.

Swati is a go-getter. No wonder her favourite quote is “Take the plunge. Things have a way of falling into place.”  She feels inspired by her clients and their trust in her and works hard so as to not let them down.  She also follows a basic and uncomplicated philosophy- that of doing ethical and fair business.

Swati fondly mentions that her husband’s unflinching support of her work has been his way of encouraging her. Be it at exhibitions where she has participated or during meetings which she cannot avoid and needs his help at home, he has always stepped up and played his part. Though he doesn’t say it as much verbally, his actions say enough and show her how proud he is of Swati.

Sweet Somethings by Swati is Swati’s way of spreading happiness and cheer and the storified.me team wishes her great success ahead.

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