Swati Paliwal – Meet the lady who believes in giving the common people access to the power of social media!

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Social Media is more about sociology and psychology than it is about technology. It has the power to force a necessary change. Social Media is synonymous with conversation, consumer service, advertising, connectedness in today’s world. Hence, the question today is never about whether one should use it, the question is ‘How’ to use it. Storified.Me brings to you today the story of a woman, Swati Paliwal, who believes in giving the common people access to the power of social media. Motivated by the ecstasy of bringing about a change through your creation and managerial skills, she wishes to create a platform through which every person can exercise his/her power as an influencer & bring about a change.

CrescendoSPeak, founded by Swati, is a FREE Influencer marketing platform, which offers social media campaigns a viral push. The platform enables one to share a message with an unlimited number of people through one’s crowd network at the same time. Any person/entity who wants to promote anything on social media can leverage the platform. In the past, the platform has been used to spread awareness on social causes, increase app downloads, drive traffic to websites, increase event registrations, crowdfunding etc. With CrescendoSPeak, one doesn’t need to have deep pockets to create an impact on social media. Its USP lies in its simplicity and affordability makes it a one stop solution for all campaigns and entities looking forward to a visibility on social media platforms.

Swati believes that life is a journey of self-discovery and advises everyone to find something that they can work in without counting the hours. In this world of multiple options (yet burdened by stereotypical mindsets and prejudices), it is rare to find something that you love to explore and create your niche in. And when she had found her calling, she honoured it by investing her time and skill in it through CrescendSPeak. Swati places her faith in Karma and believes in the saying that “As you sow so shall you reap”. Swati is a physics(Hons) graduate, post which she pursued an MBA. Finally settling on her ability of digital marketing, Swati never regrets the-road-not-travelled; Instead, she appreciates the beauty of the path she is pursuing.

CrescendoSPeak utilizes the untapped power of one’s network as influencers on social media platforms. They are made virtual brand ambassadors and create a social “word of mouth” for the given campaign/brand or cause. Anyone can create a viral feed on social media through CrescendoSPeak and drive organic traffic to their link. The model is very simple:

Its revenue model is based on a freemium model. It offers the basic functionality free of cost but there are some awesome paid features available for optional purchase. Apart from that CrescendoSPeak can do some pretty neat customisations for the end message post which are offered as a package to entities on an individual basis. Based on such awesome experiences that CrescendoSPeak has to offer, it has received a lot of popularity by word of mouth and referral rates. Other ways of gaining user base for her platform are start-up meets and start-up centric gatherings. Since CrescendoSPeak provides a very novel product, it also relies on one-to-one interaction a lot. Swati reaches out to people and educates them about her product. She recalls this as one of her biggest challenges when CrescendoSPeak was in its nascent stage.

The determined woman has inherited her strength and resilience from her inspiration, her mother. Be it education, career choices, life partner choice irrespective of caste , Swati’s Mother has fought heavy set societal and cultural prejudices. This has left a great impact on Swati which is why she too is a fighter. Whenever she feels low, she reminds herself of all the hard work that she has put in, pushes herself to do more and keeps on telling herself, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”. Her family calls her a ‘Hyper-Ambitious Kudi’. Swati’s better half is another person she gives credit for her success for bringing her back from the darkest of corners and keeping her going in tough times.

Swati’s work philosophy is to ethically serve her work and clients. She has always pursued knowledge that helps her grow and imbibes it in her business in the best possible way for her customers. She believes in customer satisfaction over profit maximization. That’s how CrescenddoSPeak works. She also believes that confidence on her own product and skill is one thing that has led her, this far in her venture.

Here’s wishing CrescendoSPeak a great future ahead and hoping that Swati always comes out with flying colours in all her endeavours.


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