Sudeepta Sanyal: Trailing Blueberries and Tracing Expeditions


“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”– Roald Dahl

Sudeepta Sanyal, learned the beauty and excitement of travel since a very young age as her father was from the army and she had to adapt the everyday hustle of moving from one place to another. She didn’t only move localities as a tourist but had to live with the culture and understand the way of life out there, which gave her a lot of knowledge and experience. Ever since she started travelling to hidden vacation spots in Maharashtra, the spark to create The Blueberry Trails ignited and thus in 2010 the venture began.

The Blueberry Trails is an experiential travel company based out of Mumbai that looks at providing you with the most thrilling, exhilarating, and offbeat trips there are to offer.

Steering away from the conventional melancholy of travelling, their experiential getaways take you to sandy beaches of Andaman to dig your toes in while sipping local brews, to cities like Paris and Amsterdam with roaring night lives and bubbling art scenes, and pristine mountain peaks in North – East India that take your breath away, literally.

From weekend getaways to explore places close to everyone’s heart around Mumbai, to longer getaways to exotic and adventurous countries like Spain, Vietnam, Bhutan, the plethora of options that The Blueberry Trails offers is limitless. You can hop on one of our trips and meet like-minded travelers that, having been bitten by the travel bug, have an insatiable need to travel. They also design Corporate Adventures, for the location and duration that you need, to provide an amalgamation of team-building activities, relaxation, corporate building exercises, and some much-needed relaxation.

They focus on the experiences that a destination has to offer, a culmination of local sights, sounds, art, culture, heritage, adventures. They curate them personally and add them to each of their travel plans.

Their target audience includes travelers from the age of 25 to 40 residing in metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.

They claim to be different from any other travel companies as their tour designs are much more intricate and they focus on what the city has to offer personally in aspects of art, local culture, heritage etc. rather than what the world has narrowed it down to. Their stays aren’t just hotels or resorts but rather they provide a much culturally rich touch with bungalows owned by the locals or camp sites or even heritage stays.

According to Sudeepta, being a small start-up, the challenge comes from other larger companies in the travel sector that have a lot more resources. Another arises from perceptions of clients can be quite a barrier. For instance, experiential travel is quite new in India, and people think that it comes cheap. It is quite a task to convince customers otherwise.

They have overcome these by using technology, innovation and networking to get results within a limited budget.

Sudeepta’s childhood was a happy one. Being from the defense background she learned how to get around resulting in her becoming more open to people, thoughts and cultures. With a more mature outlook to life, she thanks her parents for such an upbringing.

A bright student who always managed to get into some sort of trouble but nonetheless maintained her diligence and worked hard when it came to studying.

She wakes up to some yoga and smoothies and then walks to office with Doenut, her pet Shitzhu. Work hours are till 8 pm, post which she comes home to her apartment, heads out for a run, chills with her neighbor over tea and gossip, as they are two solo girls who happen to live beside each other and share great camaraderie, and thus by 12 her day ends with a bit of good reading. Sometimes the night owl in her keeps her up till 2am as the greed to read or watch more takes over her but nonetheless she has managed to curtail that, to trade it for waking up early.

According to this travel tycoon nothing is permanent. May it be good times or bad times, each shall pass and everything gets back the way it starts.

Sudeepta’s inspiration resides in Elizabeth Gilbert because she is honest and straightforward and knows the power of starting from zero and has made a life around it.