Sonika Furia – A twist of fate and a kick of passion lead to the beginning of a new journey!


“She had her degrees, she was into business right after her studies got over, yet what made her go ahead and start her own consultancy- passion or fate?” Let’s find out…

The saying, “God only helps those who can help themselves” fits perfect for entrepreneurs because no luck and fate factor works for them until their passion is not exploded, explored and tested over the course of time.But sometimes life takes you on different roads and lets you decide which one is for you. And it takes a lot of courage and passion to choose your dreams over anything else. And that’s exactly what Sonika Gambhir Furia did.

Today Sonika runs a consultancy in Mumbai named Kalon Imgae Consultancy where they help people in building up their Image, their personality making them presentable, expressive and confident about who they are. It was started 2 years back, but her journey started with a twist of fate and kick of passion.

11188369_10153027950478741_4024636584764137270_nSonika had completed her graduation in BMS (management studies) from N.M College and then she did Family business management from S.P jain institute of commerce and economics. Her family was into business- textile industry where they manufacture cotton fabric for mens shirtings. So after her studies she joined the family business too. She was always interested towards fashion and styling so she was giving her shot at the textile industry, but it didn’t work out. So she then became a freelancer with pipa and bella, but even here she felt somewhat incomplete. She knew she liked fashion and styling, but didn’t wanted to be a designer. There had to be a way out and that’s when she came across the idea of image consultancy and did a one year certified course of the same. Soon she found out she enjoyed helping people more than anything else, so decided to use her fashion sense and presentable techniques for people who need it and that’s how Kalon Image Consultancy happened.

It’s a very interesting thing this consultancy does, they don’t change you but they modify and groom you on the outside after knowing what exactly you are from inside. They won’t mould you into a fish if you’re a bird, instead they’d polish your wings and help you soar higher up in the sky. Your image, appearance and etiquettes are the first things people notice about you, so it’s important to let that first aspect be a pleasant one, that’s what Kalon helps you achieve. They use scientific NLP (neuro-linguistic) methods to study who you are, so you’re assured they are not turning you into something which is not you. They cover everything from dressing, to styling to make up to etiquettes to body language to being presentable ultimately, so you can also express yourself better.13119964_477806935755542_5823691743411447490_o

Kalon for Sonika is her way of life and it helps her learn so much to feed her curiosity bug. Other than the creative bug she’s a pack of energy where her day starts with her fitness routine being a combination of gyming, running and yoga. She works 6 hours a day and works out 6 days a week. She loves to spend time with her friends and family, so coffees and Sunday brunchs are common. She likes to read or watch videos in free time. Also, fun fact- she’s a trained Bharat Natyam dancer, loves belly dancing, enjoys yoga and meditation, and also likes to travel and explore new cultures.

Pheww! There’s so much this woman does. But her healthy and energetic lifestyle keeps her going with the challenges. The biggest challenge initially was to make people aware about the idea of Image and to make them believe and understand how Image can help in making their lives better. The leap of perception she had to create was a task, but with her efforts and help of social media, things worked out. Social media and word of mouth are her way of getting more clients. It gets difficult at times, then again her yoga gifted her the patience and may be the gyming has fueled up her fire of passion that both these things help her achieve the daily as well as long term goals. Her motivation to do all that comes from her work where she is satisfied to bring the required changes in people and gift them with confidence.12885897_461958924007010_8912773101633719112_o

In such a short span of time, she has achieved so much and advices other budding entrepreneurs to follow their heart, to keep trying, experimenting and to take care of the priorities. She believes its okay to ‘have more than one passion, you can club them all and make something brilliant out of it. That’s why she says, “What you seek is seeking you”. Her mantra is, to not get affected by the chaos one has to face in the struggling period, because that chaos makes your success story unique, to trust the road you have taken, and keep walking in the right direction with all your dedication and desperation to achieve what you want to achieve. The best advice she gives is to work and build a life you love, only then it’s worth living. Her favorite motivational line also is –“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.”

13321065_10153719869283741_2053042188_oShe herself is so inspiring, but her inspirations come from every person she meets and every new thing she tries. One person who continues to inspire her all the time is Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

She is someone who has made right use of all the inspiration and motivation she gets and spreads through her work, that’s the reason her father is proud of her work and how she managed to create a world where she successfully does what she loves and yet and help people. This is the best thing about great people, they don’t grow by belittling people, they take all those people and grow together. And this growth, success was impossible without her husband’s support and that success is incomplete if you cannot share it with your loved one.

We at wish Sonika all the very best with her venture and to continue to keep inspiring us.