Social Media Trials are the new way to seek Justice against Baddies!

Social Media
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This new wave of outing baddies and exposing them on Social Media can be attributed to famous American Bill Cosby scandal of 2015. As woman after woman came forward to accuse Cosby of sexual assault, it became an avalanche effect. It also then became apparent that this was not a one-off incident, but rather that Cosby was an alleged pathological rapist and abuser. But the majority of the women didn’t out Cosby online, they filed formal complaints and then that information was shared on social media and spread like wildfire.

Any issue which is addressed on Social Media these days has the potential to go Viral! A lot of people came out in support of the issue which happened in India recently! What was surprising was all of these victims refused to go to the Police or take the help of law in this matter. Educated women who were victims of molestation gathered immense courage and posted their stories on their Facebook walls. Many supported them and instantly started running a hate campaign against people who didn’t agree to their thought process! Basically a perfect War like situation started between #AllMen and #NotAllMen groups!

Women Employees of the concerned organisation came out and asked the victims to lodge complaints and assured of due action which would be taken!

Women Entrepreneurs also came out and asked the victims to go out and lodge complaints and not just run a trial by Social Media:

Social Media Trials don’t mean anything as neither does the victim get justice nor is the accused punished sufficiently. We spoke to a few women who explained why women in India don’t approach the Police or lodge complaints straight away

Debapriya Sengupta – Independent Filmmaker

Workplace harassment in general or in cases like these happen a lot in isolation or when a woman is alone. Law will easily give bail or not even register cases based on soft evidences. It is then the women needs solidarity and given the support for taking the stand. It’s not one, nine women out of which I have met one of them personally has taken the courage to come out and speak. Yes interior investigations done fairly shall make things more clear but scores of women will vouch that even in bigger organisations managers get away in workplace harassment cases because the women can’t substantiate the groping or the stare or a comment with evidence which law demands.

Swati Pandey – Entrepreneur

You need to recognize that not everyone is courageous and bold enough or has enough resources to always be able to take things to the court. You may be amongst the few lucky ones who have seen the good side of the legal system, but there are crores of cases still pending in the courts for no reason. A lot of people have and are still suffering because of the rampant lethargy and corruption engraved in the system. Even in the molestation cases, there are so many examples where the victim kept fighting for years and nothing was done in the end. Unfortunately, the LAW of this country isn’t efficient and bankable enough (saying this from my personal experience as well). And it is in these cases I believe that the wider community needs to stand up and give enough support and confidence to these victims so that they can at least muster the courage to come out! I wouldn’t have believed this if this was a one off case…But this isn’t! And I would give more weight age to these multiple women who are coming out with similar experiences, instead of one successful entrepreneur with power and money who chose to issue a threatening ‘official statement’ instead of giving any proof or logical argument to support his case. Though I don’t have much hopes from the legal system of this country, but I sincerely wish that justice is served in this case! wants to take a very unbiased stand today at this whole matter and request each one of you ever affected by any sort of Molestation to stand up and take a formal action against the accused by registering a case and taking the help of law.

The whole point of social media is that everyone can be heard. Who needs to pay legal fees when a jury of your peers is right there at your fingertips? But there is a dark side to making these kinds of accusations via social media as well. How can we know for sure that those accused are actually guilty? Sure, these guys seem to be, but the truth is, we will never really know what actually happened and that’s where trial by Social Media gets dangerous.