Sheeba Malhotra – From being an IHM graduate to a passionate baker to a loving mother, here is the story of an all rounder!


Lucknow – the land of Nawabs is famous not only for its ‘Tehzeeb’ but also its culture, art, music and of course its food. Sheeba Malhotra , IHM Lucknow graduate is taking this legacy of food forward by making and baking excellent quality Cakes.  Sheeba currently resides in Mysore and owns a company called “Creamland Cakes by Sheeba.”CC-logo-design

On asking her about what motivated her to start this venture, she says “ I was always into baking since my college day. Actually, baking was one subject that always lured me. I had to leave the job of a Trainer after giving birth to my daughter as there was no one at home to take care of her in our absence and my husband was completely against the day care concept. It was very disheartening to see myself sitting ideally, therefore, I used to kill my time by baking. Later started making cakes for everyone’s birthday at home. Once my daughter started going to school, I also started making birthday cakes for friends as well. Later, my mother and my friends motivated me and pushed me to start my own venture. It took me almost two years to gather the courage to do so. Now there is no looking back for me.”

Adding further she says “We specialize in customized cakes and cupcakes. I encourage my clients to order customised cakes only. We make cakes with the fresh and superior ingredients available in the market and do not tamper the cakes with any gels or cake improvers. We make cakes and cupcakes to order only. In last two years of my expedition we have only made one replica.” Explaining us about her venture she says “Creamland Cakes is about making the dreams come true. We specialise in making customised cakes and cupcakes. Our clients come with a vision and a dream and we help them in fulfilling their dreams. On request, I take the workshops for kids and for those who want to learn basic baking.”IMG_2142

Sheeba says she is quite happy with the way it is going and she hasn’t thought about any expansion plans. She believes in taking one step at a time. Her target audience includes kids, men, and women of age group 25 and above. She has few clients above the age of 60 as she even bakes sugar-free tea time cakes. Talking about the USP of her cakes, she says “The USP of my cakes is that they are made to order therefore they are always fresh. Also, I make sure that the products I use are of the best quality.”

Handling a business single-handedly might not be easy. Hence we asked her about any challenges faced by her. She says “There are few challenges, the one that tops the list right now is the procurement of raw material. Mysore being a small city, therefore, does not have many good brands Angel Cakeavailable. I am completely dependent on online products and have to go to Bangalore to procure my material. Another challenge is that in Mysore not many people are aware of the home baker’s concept. They find us expensive as there are bakeries that sell cakes for peanuts. As I said earlier, I am completely dependent on buying online products and also visit Bangalore once in three months to procure the material. I am sure the word of mouth will do its magic, that’s how I made my base when I was in Pune before.”

Talking further about the most effective way to get new clients, she says “You make a delicious treat for your client; the word of mouth will do the marketing. The maximum orders that I receive are through word of mouth. People eat my cake at the anniversary or the birthday parties and then they want it from me for their family celebrations.”

On asking her about her life, in brief, she affirms “I was the most pampered child; actually, I was the only girl in the family. Apart from all the pampering I loved, there was another side of me, that loved being creative. For me school vacation was doing something creative works like painting pots,


doing embroidery, knitting and making some creative pieces for the house or for gifting. You will not believe, at the age of 8, I and my friend used to make buttons, coasters, and other small knick knacks and we used to sell them to our neighbours. Till date, my family members call me Crazy Creative. College life was very busy. Being into IHM, it was the whole day affair. After coming back had to finish all my assignments. But, the baking bug had hit me during my college days, when I got introduced to bakery world. I simply loved being in the Bakery Kitchen. Unfortunately, I could not join the bakeries in the hotel, but no regrets, I am happy I have worn my shoes again. Apart from being the cake artist, I am also the mother of a 7-year-old daughter. She keeps me busy when she is at home. Or else I keep myself busy, reading the baking books that I have collected over the time. I love to bake for my family, so if not cakes, then you will find me baking bread and pies. And, in between, I try to explore my paints, brushes or my balcony garden.”

Sheeba advice that one should believe in oneself. She says “There will be people around you who will demotivate you, who will step on you and will not appreciate you. Do not even look at them, just give your best and believe in yourself. Also, keep learning; there is no end to gaining the knowledge.” We asked her how she keeps herself motivated. She quickly replies “As I have mentioned above, painting, doing some creative works, keeps me motivated all the time and also helps in maintaining my calmness and patience. A few months back I got a problem in my right hand, I was completely demotivated as I had to say no to the clients. It was a very difficult time for me as I had recently shifted to Mysore and wanted to make my base. To keep myself motivated, not even a single day went when I didn’t read cake decoration books or not seen the online tutorials.”Emoticons Cupcake
Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacles is what Sheeba truly believes in. she says her family is her greatest inspiration. They are her backbone. Talking about her business philosophy, she says “My business Philosophy is to never compromise on the quality of cakes and cupcakes.”

She says that her grandfather who is 90+ and loves her to the core is of the opinion that he hasn’t seen an all rounder like her before. Words like these definitely motivate her and inspire her to continuously excel, whether it is taking care of her venture, house or her baby.