Sandhya Mridul – How a Mathematics Grad went on to rule our hearts on the silver screen


Only take as much as you can give!!!

Today we start a series of articles on the cast of the movie Angry Indian Goddess (AIG) which came out in the theatres in November 2015 and is now streaming on TVF Inbox Office. The first Goddess which we managed to lay our hands onto was Suranjana aka Sandhya Mridul.


Sandhya isn’t new to the big screen she has won our hearts many times with her strong on-screen characters in Swabhiman, Banegi Apni Baat, Koshish Ek Asha (which even got her fans from China as it was dubbed in Chinese) and much more TV Series and Films. So how did a girl from a family of Lawyers and Judges ended in Tinsel town?

Born to High Court Judge and a homemaker, Sandhya was the youngest of the three children. After spending initial few years in Mumbai the family shifted to Delhi and little Sandhya was whisked off to one of the most prestigious boarding schools of India (Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls Public School, Jaipur). Although she lost her father at the verge of teenage, she had the support of her brothers who gave her the freedom to follow her heart.

Sandhya always knew she was born to act, she was too young when she was exposed to the world of cinema. She remembers sneaking out of the bedroom and hiding under the dining table to watch movies when she should have been in bed. She knew that the world of cinema attracted her, mesmerized, moved her to go out and explore it so after graduating from Delhi she landing back in Mumbai first for a job but then the calling was so strong that she decided to follow her passion. Rest is History!!!

Sandhya believes she could be true to her passion due to yoga and meditation as it has made her peaceful and calm. Also having a strong family which has managed to keep her grounded has helped her survive and exist in this industry. She insists it’s necessary one stays extremely loyal to their passion, work, friends and family and that does help one sail through the tough times. She says one advice she fondly remembers her father giving her is that if you do something even if it’s digging a hole be the best at it and success will come. Also, one shouldn’t be scared to let go of their emotions, “Crying and a walk in rain” keeps me going says Sandhya.

On days off, Sandhya likes to walk up early and meditate along with going to the gym or doing yoga. You can find Sandhya reading a book or catching a good old/new movie or just spending time on Netflix and now TVF Inbox Office. She adds that the Pitcher’s is one of her favourite series and she absolutely loves the content that TVF is currently curating for the youth!

Sandhya believes she could connect better with her character Suranjana in AIG due to the wonderful acting workshops the team put each of them through. More than acting workshops they were unlearning from what they knew, dropping the baggage. She says it’s very hard for a woman to stay true to her ambition and not feel guilty about it. Women will either be ambitious and guilty or lose her identity completely. AIG is a film which needs to be seen and it’s such a relevant film when people are coming out and speaking up more. She wraps up saying she is a proud feminist as feminism is all about standing up for something you believe in whether it’s for other women or men!



Angry Indian Goddesses is currently available to watch on or on the TVFPlay android app. All you have to do is pay 125/- and get more than 125/- worth coupons and cashback from Cashkaro along with the movie. It is only for Indian Audiences, and they will soon be releasing a version for iOS.

Get in Touch with Sandhya on Twitter : @sandymridul

Watch Angry Indian Goddesses full movie on TVF Play here : Angry Indian Goddesses Full Movie