Masterchef Ruhee Bhimani: How To Make Eggless Brookies!


On 7th May 2016 Storified.Me met up with Master chef Ruhee Bhimani. 
Ruhee is a baker and has her own retail outlet called Cocoa Cottage. Cocoa Cottage is one of the finest bakery workshops. Ruhee takes care of everything from the introduction to baking, safety, to even a hands-on bakery class while giving each student undivided attention. 
Her workshops always aim at trying out new and different items.

In this Facebook live session, Ruhee did the exact same thing for her viewers. She started off with the basics of baking where she even answered a few queries along the way. Ruhee showed her viewers how to make eggless brookies. Brookies are brownies in the form of a sandwich. Layer 1 consists of a biscuit, layer 2 consist of the brownie, and layer 3 is the cookie crumble. 

Furthermore, Ruhee also spoke about how you can turn an egg recipe into an eggless one.
Ruhee discussed a lot of innovative recipes through this session while giving simple baking tips and hacks to her viewers.   

If you love baking and always needed that little push here’s some motivation. Watch the entire baking session with Ruhee Bhimani right here!  

Now, we know you missed the previous live, so why not tune in on 13th October between 6.30-8.00pm IST and catch a session of lovely Eggless French Entremet with Ruhee.