Read Roshni’s interesting story as she travels with the Terrain Troopers through Uttarakhand!


We begin this arduous yet adventurous journey from Day 0 when everyone was busy taking their flights to reach Delhi to make it to their journey on time. Coordinating the entire process and making sure everyone found their way, was Team Leader Sanjay Joshi.

And while it is an interesting process to recount details day wise, we thought why not give it a twist at Storified and retell the events through destinations instead. Roshni, the only female traveller in the group recounts her tale.

As everyone assembled at the AnandVihar Bus Depot, the excitement, and the nervousness was thick in the air. While the luggage was being loaded into the Scorpio, all the participants – Roshni, Parzeed, Vignesh, Shubham, Aniket,  (these guys are from Almora)began chatting with each other.

“Initially, I was a bit hesitant being the lone girl in the wolf pack, especially doing this the first time with unknown souls; but in no time everyone made me feel warm. And yes, here we go.”

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