Ridhima Chopra – Now save time by using this Fashion Styling App, which styles users from the clothes that they own in their own wardrobe!


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Wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear! Nothing can describe the typical getting ready to work/college scenario that every girl faces in a better way. All of us have felt at some point of time that we have nothing nice to wear, and gone on shopping sprees. Sometimes even those shopping sprees end in regret or disappointment as the image we had in our mind does not match with the final product.

Such days often end in browsing celeb party or airport looks and wishing that we could also have a stylist. Confronted by the same issues, Ridhima Chopra, and her classmate co-founded Kakcho which aims to change this. Kakcho aims to styles users from the clothes that they own in their own wardrobe and helps make better buying decisions on the basis of their body stats such as complexion, weight, height etc! The stylists at Kakcho help users reinvent their wardrobe and solve their fashion dilemmas.

Sharing on the idea behind Kakcho, Ridhima tells us, “As a Bollywood fanatic I have always been in awe of the whole celeb aura and one thing that defines a celeb is his/her, Fashion Story. How fashionable the actor is, what designer the actor is wearing, how he/she is setting trends is what makes an actor a star! But with Facebook, Instagram and twitter becoming a rage, we’d like to create normal masses celebrities or more to say more confident individuals. Also, internet is an equalizer so if Sonam Kapoor can hire a stylist for each and every outing of hers; so can you!”

Kakcho brings this idea to life by connecting users with stylists who in turn suggest them products which also brings in affiliate revenue for Kakcho. Kakcho is currently focusing on the teen-adults and plan to expand to a base of working professionals in the coming months.

What sets Kakcho apart from all the other fashion bloggers and vloggers is that they are the only ones who do not ask you to spend rather are in the business of helping you to save money. “We help you reinvent your wardrobe and help you take better buying decisions by connecting you with Fashion Stylists.  It’s all very instant and personalized” explains Ridhima.

A Delhi girl who enjoyed extra-curricular more than her curricular, working on her start-up was a natural step for Ridhima. ‘’Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it all away from you’’ by Mark Cuban is her favourite quote and accordingly post the inception of Kakcho, Ridhima spends all her time with the venture. Sometimes there’s a photo shoot at office or sometime some invite for an event comes.

Ridhima loves her work but it is not without challenges. Especially the gestation period was a little hard on the team, Ridhima tells us. However, the team kept it together and is now crossed the critical times. A strong optimist, Ridhima tells us that she strongly believes that someday things will set and until then her team has her and she has them to have their back. “Netflix also helps!!”

Pocket stylist is a novel idea but in such a niche market, gathering users can also be an uphill task. The team of Kakcho has attacked this problem in an equally novel way. “For downloads we tried different things like getting downloads from a PAAN SHOP, Asking people to download the app in Metro, College fests and these are some ways which have done wonders for us” Ridhima elaborates.

Emphasising on learning from one’s experiences, Ridhima’s advice to upcoming entrepreneurs would be to stay humble, sustain the thirst to learn and always be aware of the importance of networking. A strong believer of execution that strategies , she stresses on the need to Focus more on implementing than wasting a lot of time strategizing.

Inspired by Richard Branson, the founder of virgin group Ridhima believes that the art of doing things quickly, eye for detail and most importantly the feeling of building something, which is fun is something that she aims to incorporate in Kakcho’s environment also.

“My business philosophy lies in the company’s name i.e K-Kindly A-Actively K-Knowingly C-Carefully H-Honestly O-Obligingly. To only work with people who come on board for something greater than money and always deliver what was promised is at the core of Kakcho”, shares Ridhima.

Fashion start-ups are just at the brink of the horizon and the ones focusing on styling in real time are rare then too. It is surely going to be an adventurous and learning experience for the team of Kakcho.

Team Storified.me wishes them great luck in all their future adventures.