Riddhi Gathani – Taking Marketing to the next level!


“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation”- Milan Kundera.

What a profound quote! Today, almost all of the startups all over the world have realized this and started to impart and allocate equal importance to marketing as well as operations.

Deep Gathani and Riddhi Gathani realized the need for a good marketing company and started DeeGee Studio in Mumbai 5 years ago. Later, Deep encouraged his wife Riddhi to take over and take her passion in the marketing field forward. So, Riddhi quit her job and began her entrepreneurial journey.

Elaborating on the work that DeeGee Studio takes up, Riddhi shares: “We do complete designing and brand building for our clients. We undertake designing of Marketing Collaterals, Branding Campaigns,  Corporate AV’s, Photography, Website designing, Video editing & Social media service”. In short all of an organization’s marketing and brand building needs are satisfied by DeeGee Studio.

Talking about marketing her marketing startup, Riddhi tells us that after working in the marketing industry for 3 years and closely monitoring our country’s startup environment, she had come to a conclusion that startups are going to be a vital part in our country’s economic growth. She then decided to take the plunge and use her experience to get DeeGee studio going. The response to her plunge was quite good, with DeeGee studio now boasting of a brilliant clientele of the likes of Dainik Bhaskar, Radio City, MTunes, 3M Car Care, Jet Airways, Nucleus Lifestyle, 9 to 5 Office Chairs, StockHoldingIN and much more.

A typical day in her life begins with client follow-ups, completing assignments and meeting deadlines. It also means meeting new potential clients and keeping her mind and eyes alert on all and any chance of upscaling and upgrading the work they do at DeeGee studios. She also reads about other startups to pick up the tricks and tips that go into making a business succeed.

Riddhi feels the biggest challenge facing her, “is to keep innovating and being creative because that is the major differentiating factor in our field.” She does that, by constantly keeping herself motivated and fighting for her place in the sunshine.

“There are good days and sometimes not so good days. One needs to stay motivated and not lose the faith that we can surely achieve what we are here for. Self-motivation is the key. If mentally we are strong no challenges can break us. It only makes us stronger and a fighter.” Well, don’t we all want the same?

So, how did she build a prestigious clientele? She strongly believes that referral business is the best way to get good potential clients as they have a set belief in you passed on by the previous positive work done. Social Media is another new wave that helps in connecting with people across who are start-ups and would require designing and branding services.

Opening up on her support system, Riddhi tells us that she stays motivated at all times because her family is always 12916085_10154734959336393_2547609406227507889_othere for her. She feels one’s “family is their biggest support and their trust in you will motivate you again to not to look back or doubt your decision. Because, if there are no downs, we shall never learn to value our ups”. Her husband has also been her rock and a huge support, she gushes, “My husband takes immense pride in seeing his decision turn out to be perfect and I shall completely give my growth’s credit to him! He feels great to be with a woman who makes sure to maintain complete work-life balance”.

Riddhi the entrepreneur has a strong advice to her peers who are attempting to start something of their own. “If you have a dream to be your own boss, then there is nothing that should stop you from chasing it. It’s never too late to switch careers and begin. Make sure when you wake up each day, you are excited to get to your work and excel. If you do not feel the same, it’s time to RETHINK.

Her inspiration : Mr. Ronnie Screwvala, who has been an entrepreneur all his life. After attending a one on one session with him for entrepreneurs she was sure, that a business can never fail if one knows the right tricks of the trade.

Riddhi, a woman with a mission has a very crisp business philosophy “Know exactly what your client is expecting from you and make sure you exceed their expectations!!” She ends with a quote that is very dear to her heart – ” Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction”. That’s exactly the kind of thing an entrepreneur like Riddhi would say. Team Storified.Me wishes DeeGee Studios and Riddhi even greater heights of success.

You can reach DeeGee Studios at :

Website:  www.deegeestudio.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeeGeeStudio