Richa Singh – How an IIT-Investment Banker started a company to spread her love for Maths!


“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics” – Paul Halmos

The best ideas in life are the ones that simplify it for us, which is exactly where change makers such as Richa step in. She decided to tackle one of the most widespread fears of every child and adult for decades – the mysterious and equally alluring world of Mathematics. Learning anything new should be an invigorating exploratory journey and not an imposition. “Far too many precious young minds have been scared away from this beautiful subject due to the hype surrounding it, a lack of conceptual understanding, uninterested teachers or a combination of all of these. We feel we can make a difference by spreading some Math love”, explains Richa.

In a world which is increasingly data-driven, ignoring Math that represents the theoretical catalyst to practically explore insight-driven opportunities has become essential. LetsMath was born out of a need to provide quality Math education to the next generation through an interactive and readily accessible online platform. Richa strongly believes that the best way to learn is by asking and answering questions – the philosophy she adopted throughout her childhood. There are three ways in which the LetsMath app helps learn the subject – a) The student can send a picture of a Math question or a concept. The answer is provided through an invigorating discussion involving hints and probing questions with a teacher who enables the student to explore the solution on his own. b) Regular online classes also help twice a week through the use of audio, whiteboard, and real-time polls to keep the sessions interactive. c) LetsMath also curates its own content that will consist of questions with built in hints and small videos that explore the practical side of Math.Team - LetsMath

The inspired idea stemmed out of Richa’s and her co-founder’s mutual determination to achieve more and contribute meaningfully. After 5 years of an enviable career in investment banking, Bangalore-based Richa leveraged her education – B.Tech from IIT Delhi, MBA from IE Business School & Chicago Booth (exchange) to demystify the Math behind the day to day activities. However, with dime a dozen learning apps crowding the education space, Richa knew she had to differentiate LetsMath. “Any new app user is incredulous regarding the capabilities of the app at first. So the first step was to demonstrate our Math expertise by solving any question they threw our way. Once they were convinced that the app actually does what it says, they were more amenable to learn by putting in more work, making sense of the hints they received from teachers and in general, move forward in a more collaborative manner.”

Their success is demonstrated by the encouraging reviews of students, parents, and even the teaching community. They already have over 1000 students on board in less than a month and are already answering over 100 Math doubts a day. The increasing number of queries on a daily basis and the growing popularity of the app is a lot to deal with. She spends her day balancing between planning ahead and living the moment to the fullest. “I spend a great deal of time thinking about how to spread quality math education, hiring talent, finding the best technological solution for our needs and figuring out ways to sustain a small company”, says Richa.

She swears by her mantra “If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true were really true, there would be little hope of any advance.” It is exactly this which has now provided her a renewed sense of achievement and the satisfaction of helping the larger community of students.

Thanks to Richa, many students, and young adults are now well on their way to tame the mysterious world of Mathematics. We, at would like to laud Richa for her efforts to help overcome a universal aversion to a wonderful subject, and wish for all the numbers to work in her favour!





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