Puja Borker- Promising a smooth Yoga journey!


The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

– Leo Tolstoy 

The hunt for good mats to pursue her career in yoga, drove Puja to start up her own business in making the best and the most reasonable yoga mats that would’ve been a great help to her! Puja went around searching for mats that did not end up being slippery and smelled as foul as any mat generally would, and the ones that provided her with the luxury of a smooth yoga experience did cost a lot.

Hence began her mission to the creation of JURU Yoga, the first made-in-India natural mat-over.

As an individual with a lot of influence and associates linked to yoga, Puja got feedback instantly which helped JURU grow along the path to its success.

Taking inspiration from international eco-yoga brands and from make-in-India campaign, Puja wants JURU products to reflect the peaceful principles that Yoga embodies; thus all their products are environmentally friendly and at JURU, they are constantly working on innovation and improvisation to give us the best yoga mats, props and accessories.

Describing it as a lifestyle brand, Puja says that JURU works on the Indian roots of Yoga to provide its customers with the best yoga mats, props and accessories. JURU has selected niche stores across major cities in India including those of yoga studios and retreat partners.

JURU Yoga owns an online shop and soon are entitled to the enlistment at Amazon India as they are one of the shortlisted start-ups on Amazon Launchpad in India. They will soon be making their products available to the international markets through their wholesale partners. Their main focus includes a strong e-commerce platform in India and the international market where they intend to get together with like-minded people to build a yoga community so as to understand their needs and grow as a company.

Their target audiences include – Yoga practitioners and teachers of all levels and all forms of yoga, yoga and wellness lovers, yoga tourists in India, lovers of eco-friendly products and collectibles.

She prides on JURU’s eco-friendly and bio-degradable yoga products. She believes that yoga is linked to the nature in its purest form then why shouldn’t the products linked to yoga itself be environment friendly. With yoga also catching up as a popular fitness routine, hygiene and performance are one of the main features that a yogi looks for in a yoga mat. Their unique cork and natural rubber mats which are anti-microbial, reversible, washable and durable, are ideal mats for the modern yogi.

Buying a made-in-India yoga brand is equivalent to buying a souvenir or an ideal gift from India, which is home to traditional yoga forms and meditation. Thus made-in-India and also make-in-India is also their strong USP.

Much like other ventures, Puja has faced a lot of challenges when it came to JURU. Some of them involved streamlining warehouse and logistics operations. It also proved to be a task for the increment of brand presence online for JURU Yoga. Yet other issues included finding like-minded retail partners on the international market scale.

Puja says she overcame these issues as logically as it could get and in the end she finally succeeded. Outsourcing delivery operations to multiple service providers and understanding the zones and mode of transport they are most efficient in was one of the solutions she figured.  For online presence, they focused strategically with analytics for digital marketing on all platforms.  With regard to international sales, they are currently engaging with interested distributor & retail partners in markets like SE Asia, UAE and Europe and then eventually launch in USA. Feedback is most priced by Puja for JURU as she understands the exact needs of her clients which also in turn helps her get new clients.

Puja has had quite an interesting life journey. Her childhood was surrounded by relatives; aunts, uncles and cousins. Her father as a businessman and a self-made respected individual played a major role in shaping her thoughts about her own future as she studied business studies and later joined her father in his publishing house.

She’s had quite the school life. Pursuing BA Honors for 3 years in London and then moving to the US to pursue MBA, she returned after her first semester to join her dad’s publishing house. She’d heard great stories of meditation and spiritualism followed by her grandfather and later did she realize her immense love for it at the age of 22 after she had completed her education.

Providing around 6 to 7 hours of her day to JURU Yoga, she spends 3 to 4 days a week doing yoga and an hour everyday meditating. Doing the thing she loves on a basis of routine, Puja is extremely happy with the way her life has turned out to be.

She advises people around her to follow and believe in meditation as much like her personal experience in the field, she has noticed that no matter what field you belong in, meditation shall never fail to provide you with the clarity of thoughts and actions to your life.

With yoga, meditation and writing keeping her mind sane and her inner peace alive, she gets inspiration from anyone and anything that is on their path to make the world a better place.

She hopes her business gets to be a leading made-in-India eco-conscious yoga brand that provides a one stop solution for all yoga needs –mats, props & accessories.

We, team of Storified.me, provide you with the best of luck on this journey!