Prerna Sinha: Meet the lady who documented all her mothering experiences into a “Maaofallblogs”!

The Maa behind "MaaofAllBlogs"

No wish is given to you without the power to make it true, you may have to work for it, however! -Richard Bach

As a new mother in town, Prerna had no idea where her life would go in a span of just three years. While stuck in a chaos of diapers and burps, she found it rather amusing and decided to document everything she could. Around the time when her videos started circulating around her office, someone suggested her to start a blog! And that is exactly when her marvelous journey of “MaaofAllBlogs” began…

Prerna’s “Maa of All Blogs” began in 2012 to promote her lifestyle and experience as a mother and show the others out there to not consider it as a bane as much as it is a boon in reality. She believes that motherhood isn’t a full stop to a woman’s life if only she makes it a comma. She has work with brands on a few sponsored posts, they also do workshops every now and then to reach out on offline engagements and she also does non-profit workshops time to time.

Prerna’s target audience mainly includes mothers and parents in general as it is most beneficial for them. Being a parenting website she tends to discuss less about kids and more about the mother, the woman behind that kid. There are many websites that talk on raising kids and somewhere they believe that us as the audience get so driven thinking about kids that we forget our individuality. Prerna want mothers to see a life beyond motherhood. She also talks about everything from her experiences to things that matter going through the journey of motherhood. It brings in more credibility as a sense of personal touch connects emotionally with the audience.

Prerna says it’s been hard to find the balance between taking care of her kids along with her third baby, her blog. The nature of being motherly however does not take you away from yourself and Prerna as a mother counts all her children and herself as one.

She overcame this issue by being organized as much as she could, but it doesn’t cease to exist as a routine but she’s pretty much used to it.

Getting subscribers and followers is always a challenge for them but only good content/pictures help as well as keeping the content exciting. She has to keep coming up with something new every few days to keep the readers engrossed, she also tries to keep the newsletter updated regularly.

Prerna had her childhood protected and taken care of, growing up in a rather small town where rules such as not playing out as soon as it gets dark or not going out of the colony for birthday parties made childhood fun and safe. Coming from such covers she believes she’s made quite a long journey from there. School life being under protection, she got exposed to the attributes of life during college in Delhi where she grew and matured as a person along with supportive friends by her side.

A regular day in this supermom’s life starts at 6 am by sending the kids off to school, followed by her fitness regime be it yoga, doing weights or dance. Mornings are the time she likes to publish and share her blog posts and engage with her readers. By noon her younger one gets back and before she knows it, she is back to being a mom. She tries to squeeze in teaching and spending time with them, in between her writing. While she would like to turn the tables here, it gets difficult trying to maintain a balance, but she somehow manages and has proven to be a successful mother as well as a successful blogger at the same time!

Her advice to others aspiring to be role models is, and I quote “Stick to your guns and be consistent.”

Every time Prerna felt low in her life, people around her manage to introduce something exciting and motivating to her and her worries are far left behind, the pleasure of human existence be it friends or her blogging community have help her come out and portray her best side to the world. Strong and carefree women inspire her, the ones who can speak out their mind without fear. Her business philosophy is simple and clear, do your work, be as inspired as you can and bring good work to the table. This is not all that this supermom does, she has also done hiking in Iceland, 100kms OXFAM trek, ran marathons, watched the Northern lights and much more!

This was Prerna Sinha, the ultimate techno mom continuously inspiring all the mothers out there. We wish her the best of luck!

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