Pooja Bhayana – Meet this Delhi girl who is making its easier for you to turn your junk into treasure via Barter!


In the fast paced economy, where impulsive purchases are far too common, it is sure that all of us have something lying unused and un-cared for in our homes. What is one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Lets Barter India is a community and venture that works on very similar lines. It is a platform for Indians to come barter their goods and services with other Indians. Being the world’s largest community for barter on Facebook, there app is available on Play Store and App Store.

The vision of Let’s Barter India is to enable Indians to safely barter products such as electronics, services, books, etc. This also enables people who might not have the money to spend on extra needs and wants to satisfy their needs via alternate methods.

This practice was existent in ancient India and is still under practice in a lot of village economies. But, how did Pooja Bhayana think to apply this to modern economy? “Let’s Barter’s idea was sort of a light bulb moment. We started Let’s Barter India as a Facebook group for our friends in September 2015. A coffee conversation between two school friends (Sahil and I) turned towards us discussing how Sahil is not getting any value for some tablets that he had bought. When I suggested he barter it with some other goods from our friends, he was in love with the idea. We started as a Facebook group because we didn’t have much capital to invest, and this seemed like the perfect medium to converse. Today, this group is a platform of 1,83,000 engaged members that helps Indians across the country barter their goods, and even their services, and get more value for what they have”, elaborates Pooja.

Pooja describes her childhood to be a very sheltered childhood with a very loving family. She reveals that her independence streak began when she went off to college to Singapore.

A traditionally lazy person by nature, Pooja does love her productive days. With a day starting with some fitness routine is followed by a hectic round of meetings, plans and team discussions. After all the work related madness, Pooja comes home to cook, catch up on sitcoms and unwind to gear up for the next day.

So, what are her plans for Let’s Barter India? “Let’s Barter India is currently at the pre-revenue stage. The target audience is basically young adults in the age group of 20-30 years who want more value for their used products. Going forward, after capturing a section of the audience, we shall be introducing a free-mium model of sorts where some premium features will be paid access only. We are also working to introduce our own LB currency that’ll help people barter across categories, with ease” she tells us.

The journey till now , though great has not been easy for the team. Initially there were some issues with securing people’s trust for the concept and to make it work in today’s world. With the goal of proving that tech enabled barter is efficient, the team worked day and night to put the right technology in place.

“The most efficient thing that worked for us was the Let’s Barter India Facebook group. It worked as the perfect medium for concept building and getting a proof of concept. We had the opportunity to interact with customers and build a product according to their needs”, shares Pooja. Facebook group coupled with PR and social media helped the team secure their customer base.

A person who goes by their instinct, Pooja quit her corporate career to start Lets barter India on her pursuit to happiness. She tells the upcoming entrepreneurs to follow their heart when they don’t which road to take.

Quoting her favorite quote “Dreams don’t work till you do!”, Pooja tells us that she finds strength in the interesting stories of other successful start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Describing her business philosophy to be a mix of Hard work, frugal innovation and passion, Pooja confirms to us the immense struggle and passion that has gone into making Lets Barter India the platform it is today.

Storified.me team wishes Pooja and the team great success in the coming years.