Payal Shankar – How a Dynamic Blogger is touching lives of women all around!



In a world of multiple opinions, the biggest challenge for most women is to keep their identity intact while being bombarded with ideas from all over. Payal Shankar, a web-entrepreneur is trying to inspire women across the planet to not only keep their individuality but have a positive self-image. Payal Scribbles is a unique digital magazine which aims at bringing innovative and fresh fashion and women-centric ideas to inspire ladies everywhere.

Payal Shankar is a work-from-home entrepreneur who perfectly balances her personal life and business, prioritizing work and family life which are both equally demanding. Payal’s day usually starts with managing household chores and tending to her husband and son. Later she sits with her laptop and diary to share life-changing ideas in her brilliant blog- Payal Scribbles. From lifestyle to fashion, mommy health to beautifying eyes, Payal scribbles about everything in her little space on the internet.

Later during the day when her son returns, Payal revisits her household chores. Sending her son to his sports class, she gets back to her world of writing and inspiring women.

Every start-up has its own share of challenges and Payal is facing her own with Payal Scribbles.  The biggest challenge with an online magazine is to find the right audience segment who will appreciate and connect to the story behind every post.  With a multitude of high-definition images and other distractions on the internet, the audience attention span is just too minuscule. The real test is to keep them enthralled with ideas. However the decisive soul that Payal is, she makes sure that she posts something super engaging, so the millennia women keep visiting and re-visiting her blog. She uses a controversial tone to keep the heat up and her audience dazzled.

Marketing for Payal Scribbles has been a big challenge for Payal, but a good piece of writing always gets its fair share. Referencing and word of mouth marketing have been the most efficient marketing channels. The quality of her articles ensures that whoever visits her blog once, does re-visit for fresh articles.

To all the bloggers out there, Payal advises them to follow their passion irrespective of the immediate gains. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. In difficult times, Payal meditates to keep her mental sanity intact. Rather than focussing on the problem or solution at hand, she tries to look beyond them.  She believes that every person walking this planet comes with an inherent power to deal with all the difficult situations thrown at them.

A bright, sunny morning, the fresh dew on the flowers, a sweet smile on the face of her son or just a pretty outfit- Payal sees inspiration and happiness in everyday things. She feels that people just need to look around for them.

Payal articulates her philosophy in simple words- Believe in yourself, be you. It is always better to succeed at a slow pace being yourself rather than fail while trying to be someone else.

Storified salutes her spirit and wishes Payal Scribbles great success!

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