Pavleen Gujral: A High Court lawyer who finally chose Acting as her true calling!


“Acting is not being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there.” – Meryl Streep.

Something similar happened to Pavleen Gujral, who went from being a lawyer in High court for six months to having a career in modeling, anchoring and then blooming into an actor in “Angry Indian Goddesses”. In our series of Goddess, we bring to you third goddess “Pavleen”.

Revealing how she became an actor Pavleen tells us “It was mostly by accident. I have been a model, anchor, TV presenter, and a theatre actor for a while but AIG (Angry Indian Goddesses) just happened when I met Nalin (director of Angry Indian Goddesses).” Having done theatre extensively over 3 years Pavleen feels it was no wonder that the acting bug bit her.

Elaborating on her journey till AIG, Pavleen walks down memory lane, “I was a complete fat geek in school and college and looked a lot different so somehow believed that a corporate job is my destiny. Although I did have that artistic bend in the form of dramatics, dance, elocution but never pursued it. Life took a U-turn when I started modelling, then anchoring; I even did a nutritionist course in between and then acting. Today I am a bit of everything and I think that’s how people should be: multifaceted.” Not regretting anything, be it her law degree or her stint with computer engineering, she feels it all helps in her profession somehow.


Though she is a high profile model and actress, she is just like us in some ways. “One cannot recognise me when I am not working because I am still very much a spectacled geek in loose comfy clothes, no makeup and basically up for anything. I have a very close-knit big family so on a free day it’s all about family and friends.”

Citing her journey of continuing to be a part of the industry as one of her biggest challenges, Pavleen tells us that she pushes through tough times by keeping her cool and always keeping long term consequences of her actions at the back of her mind.

Pavleen plays the character of Pamela Jaiswal aka Pammi in AIG. She could relate to the character quite  well as she was also born and brought up in Delhi , surrounded by women like her who feel so restricted in their own lives , set in a mould made by someone else. “Honestly, these women are capable of so much more if given the opportunity other than thinking about the next kitty party or shoe or bag purchase”, shares Pavleen.

She finds her inspiration in all the people in the world as she strongly believes that we can learn something or the other from every person we come across in our life.

She parts with this hard-hitting quote, “Watch out for Indian women like you have never seen before.  When seven free spirited women get together for a bachelorette party it’s a riot.”

Well, we sure look forward to being entertained and educated by the team of AIG again and again. Team Storified.Me wishes Pavleen a long and glorious future!


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