Nidhi Singh – How an Advertising Professional became the most famous Web Series Star!


If you can Dream it, you can do it. – Walt Disney

Our today’s story is about a girl next door – Nidhi Singh (fondly known as Tanya – TVF Permanent Roommates). She has shown us that not all good actors are star kids. All the real great actors are born but they need to be trained to realize their true complete potential. They have to learn to develop those natural instincts which they possess inherently, so they can imitate the role and live the fictional world the writer has created.

Born in Allahabad (Yes, Amitabh Bachchan’s town) Nidhi had a lovely childhood away from the hustle and bustle of the glam world. Having lived in an army vicinity her childhood was surrounded by a very safe, secure and full of love environment. Since Class 8th Nidhi knew she enjoyed reading English literature, dramatics and other extracurricular more than mainstream education but youngsters easily get swayed at making career decisions based on what their friends are doing. Nidhi too ended up picking Science for her post-school choice and realized during her 12th that she wanted to do something different.

When Nidhi broke the news to her parents that she wanted to pursue arts as a career, they did try to talk her out of it but eventually gave in. Nidhi set out to pursue her graduation from St Andrews College in Mumbai. Eventually, she went on to join JWT, a famous international advertising agency to learn more about the creative industry and the support she received from her seniors is somethings she is still thankful for. She finally quit advertising and started freelancing as an Assitant Director for Ad-Films.  As they say, though once an actor always an actor, during her time as an AD she got connected to Quasar Padamsi through whom she got introduced to Chandan Roy Sanyal and then she bagged her first play. Rest was history as they say.

Nidhi first shot to fame in the web world with a viral video “Every Delhi Girl in the World”. Nidhi came in touch with Nidhi Bisht (from The Viral Fever) who was then directing a play and wanted her to read it, it was then that Nidhi Bisht made her watch “Rowdies” the unapologetic funny spoof from TVF. She says she immediately knew she wanted to work with a team like TVF. She did her first video for TVF “Emotional Attyacharge” and she collaborated for a few smaller sketches after that.

Nidhi tells us, she was called one day to audition for a new web series which later became “Permanent Roommates” she knew she wanted to do the role for sure but then she had to wait for some 20-25days before she heard back that she had got the role.

So when Nidhi isn’t working she loves waking up early and spending time on herself. She hasn’t given up on her reading either, so you can find her reading a book. Nidhi is a big movie buff so she always knows which movie is on and makes sure she catches up with them. Being in the glam industry where negativity is all around, Nidhi makes sure she stays away from any of the gossips and enjoys her me time.

She truly believes in the saying, “Don’t worry what others will think, Do what you feel is right” and advice this to the others too. If you worry too much about people who will never be happy. She draws her inspiration from her parents who have supported her in all her ambitions and wishes. She wraps up by saying that “You have to be your best friend” as that will always help you grow and excel as a human being.

Watch out for the fourth episode of PR2 on TVFPlay (App & Website) on 25th March 2016.