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Like many of those prodigious stories about rock stars and business tycoons, some friends from Georgia State University’s  Executive MBA class, embarked upon an adventure to steer clear of some  perils in the turbulent universe of the  business world.

Today there is a huge problem with hackers stealing confidential intellectual property like blue prints, photos, and videos. Rajesh Rajasekar remarks,  “Advertising agencies struggle to keep private their in-progress advertising campaign videos.” Large files cannot be sent as an attachment through emails because of their huge size, because of which we have resorted to the use of  Drop Box, YouTube, or Vimeo to share content. However, such providers have no multi-level security protection. Therefore, the piracy of large files and downloading of confidential videos have turned out to be a common problem.  Anticipating such problems faced by millions of us , a  service around security of content was built. This was  Niche video which came into being as the brain child of Rajesh Rajasekar.

Rajesh Rajasekar tells us the story of how Niche Video was conceived. It was during the time he  was working as a consultant on behalf of PwC for Fortune 100 customers like BOFA, SunTrust, American Express, etc, for their Identity and Access Management to protect their digital content which was basically video content. Here he sought to turn to his  classmate, Dominic Francis who had a vast experience with media and “together we envisioned what eventually became the Private Media Channel by Niche Video Media in April 2012.” Rajesh tells us. They were soon joined by another classmate, Glen West who helped define the product experience and develop inbound marketing.  Glen was an architect of scalable products for EarthLink and Norfolk Southern, among other organizations.

And that is how after the coming together of 6 Executive MBAs, dozens of years of experience in security, media, technology, and copyright domains, huge fund raisings , brainstorming sessions and a lot of hard work, Niche Video Media became a 15-person company with 10 full-time employees.

Niche Video Media Team (1)

At present, Rajesh Rajasekar  serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. He lays down  the company’s vision and strategy, develops strategic partnerships with competitors, and  inculcates  corporate culture.

Dominic Francis, who co-founded Niche Video Media with Rajesh Rajasekar  is its Chief Operating Officer as well as Chief Information Officer. Dominic is responsible for all the infrastructure and services required to operate the company. He manages the development staff, and all vendor relationships for the company.

Glen West joined Niche Video Media as its Chief Customer Officer, also acting as Chief Technology Officer. Glen is responsible for customer acquisition, crafting the customer experience, defining the product line, and ensuring that people, process, and technology synchronize  to build a business that is sustainable.

Apart from these three pillars, Niche has Nithin Raj as the Senior Product Developer, KTP as the Senior Product Developer, Arunald as the Senior Product Developer and Radhakrishnan as the Product Quality Analyst. The Creative Heads of the team include Arjun, the Senior Graphic Designer and  Kannan, the Junior Graphic Designer.  Leona and Blessen, the Content Marketing Leads, Maria Rubina, the Editor and Sujatha, the  Administrative Manager.

So what exactly is Niche Video  all about? In simple words, Niche Video Media is a SAAS (software-as-a-service provider) company that keeps the content and the transfer of data much more secure.  A Solution called  the Private Media Channel, uploads files like videos and blueprints on the cloud. These  can be shared in a secure environment, without giving way for downloads or hacks.

The team specifically focuses on education, training, corporate sectors, enterprises,  advertising agencies, and anyone who wants to share and collaborate content online. The Private Media Channel’s customers can securely manage and deliver their multimedia content to their users anytime, anywhere, on any device, in any language.

Rajasekar further tells us that the product makeover is expected to go live in a few months time. is proud to point out that Niche Video boasts of 40 paying customers from 9 countries. They  have hosted around 25 TB of videos  and people are accessing it securely from all over the world.  Further on, in January 2016, Niche Video Media was featured as a trusted product on Product Hunt’s  website.

In March, 2014. it was one of the finalists in TAG’s business launch competition. In the same year it was also regarded as the startup to watch, in Metro Atlanta Chamber’s Business Person of the Year. In the year 2013 it was the Winner of Georgia State University’s Business Plan Competition 2013.

Secure collaboration of content and In-channel granular permissions to collaborate with users are one of the  start-up’s USP. We hope to see a much more secure world of data communication thanks to Niche Video!! So kudos to the Class of 2012,  make the web a safer space for all of us!




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