Neha Mathur – How a successful dentist made a paradigm shift in her career and became one of the most celebrated Food Bloggers!


“Work Hard in Silence and let Success make the noise.”

With our fast paced lives, we hardly have the time to look at our favourite television shows, note down recipes and try them out. Oh, the times of Khana Khazana. But don’t worry, Neha  Mathur solves the problem with her venture “Whiskaffair”, started in Bangalore in 2012.

So how did this venture come about? In her words, “I used to maintain a diary of my favourite recipes and also some cutout recipes from magazines.  I realized that most recipes out there were never tried and tested and it was left to readers to understand some of the details.  So I started to document recipes that I tried in exact proportions.  Today I have a good collection of tried and tested recipes which turn out the same each and every time.”

She further narrates, “My venture is all about food.  I want Whiskaffair to be the one-stop food destination for tried and tested recipes for my readers.   My motive is to engage food lovers from all over the country with some good recipes on offer.  It is mostly targeted towards modern Indian women who love food and are internet friendly; but the platform is open to all, and as in any business, the more and merrier.  I would say the USP of my business is that each recipe has been tried and tested personally so the dish turns out perfectly for every user.”

Mughlai Kesar Murgh

Talking about her life so far, she recounts, “My childhood was spent in small towns of UP as my parents had a transferable job.  I learnt a lot from my parents and had lots of fun with my twin sisters and loads of friends.  We used to make tons of stuff at home, something my son has also picked up, and I love watching him make new things every single day!

I did my schooling in convent schools of small towns in UP.  Some of my teachers were very strict, while some were very jovial but I enjoyed a lot at school and miss my school days very often.  I’m still in touch with many school friends through social media and it is always fun talking about the past. I never cooked anything in my school, although loved to try new dishes.

My college was in Lucknow, a destination famous amongst non-veg lovers.  I stayed in a hostel, but every weekend we would go for an outing and try out amazing food in the streets of this beautiful city.  I wasn’t too studious, but still got good grades; I was always in good books of my teachers.  My friends and teachers still wonder how I got into food and recipes from dentistry!”


So what is a day in her life like? She says, “My day is mostly planned out.  The first thing I do is to post a new article on my site, share it on Social media.  I then do some Yoga to relax.  Then it’s mostly about shooting pictures, planning & making recipes, & making videos.  I love to spend some time with my son when he is back from school.  My day goes on until 7 or 8pm and I like to have early dinner.  I usually read a book before I go to sleep.”

A person high on life, she emphasises that things don’t seem like a challenge when you love what you do.  Each day and each recipe that she tries out is very different and she loves taking a new step each day.

She overcame most of the challenges in her business by being consistent.  She plans in advance and sticks to her schedule.  It is this discipline that shows in her work too.  She keeps herself motivated by believing something good is always in store and there is nothing that isn’t achievable with hard work.

In her tenure, she has noticed that the best way to get new clients is to give them the best value for their money, understand their needs and be honest in your dealings.  One needs to stick to their words and deliver on time.  And hence her business philosophy is, “Honesty is the best policy, never let go of your promises.”

Her family fondly says, “Neha wants to make everything perfect.  She loves what she does and has a great passion for anything creative.”

She gets inspired by hardworking people making a mark in their respective fields and thus on an ending note advises, “Love what you do and be consistent.  Don’t copy or imitate others as each one of us is different and have something unique in ourselves.”

Garlic and Parsley Prawns