Nanditha Sandeep – The lady who perfectly balanced her family life with her passion!


“Sometimes u win and sometimes you learn”

It is often perceived that Indian women must be inclined towards their families and their responsibilities the instant they tie the knot. Several women have also accepted this mantra and unnamed (5)have given up their dreams and goals to dedicate their entire life towards nurturing and raising a family. Such is not the case with Nanditha. Nanditha Sandeep is a homemaker from Bangalore who did not succumb to the painted picture of the society. As she had to look after her family, she turned her passion for crafts into a thriving online gift making business under the name of ‘Love Customized by Nanditha’. She now effectively balances home and her venture of crafting home décor and gifting items that she markets online through her Facebook page.

Love Customized- How it got going.

Taking inspiration from women who strive to build their own identity, Nanditha kickstarted her Facebook page in 2012. She further marketed her business online so that several people would be familiar with her brand. With time, she has successfully gathered her set of followers, thus creating an online community. Nanditha has been extensive with her target audiences where she has custom made gift items for people of all age groups. This showcases a sense of versatility in her work clubbed along with her deep comprehension of what people expect from personalization.

Customized gifting is an area where the competition is quite widely spread and they come unnamed (3)in different concepts and marketing strategies. Nevertheless, Nanditha has always remained one step ahead with her unique designs, on-time delivery, and competitive market prices. She has always made herself visible through an effective showcase of her craft work and has always been innovative with each and every project that comes her way. She adds a personal touch to her work that makes customers come back to her.

Nanditha spends each day playing three roles: a mother, a homemaker and an entrepreneur. As she was always unnamed (4)passionate about crafts since her childhood, her business isn’t working for her. It is something that keeps her occupied. According to her, it is a great way for her to show her skills in the art and it has also been a source of motivation through difficult times. She has shown that businesses do not have to be completely monetary; it is a bit of your soul and the passion that goes into building a strong foundation.


Four years down the line, Nanditha is very optimistic about her flourishing business and is all set to give it her all to take it up to greater heights.

Storified.Me wishes Nanditha a beautiful “customised” future. Goodluck!

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