MYOLO – How Myolo is changing the way Young Indians Date!


In Summer of 2012 when Tinder was born little did they know that they would be changing the way people dated each other. Though they made it easier for people to date it made things a little too linear and superficial with excessive emphasis on looks and distances. This has therefore left a huge vacuum when it came to a dating platform for the urban, cosmopolitan audience in India. That’s when with the tagline “Build a story worth sharing” MYOLO took centre stage. MYOLO (Me. You. Only. Live. Once) is creating a secure, curated platform of and for select few singles; a classy network with no fake profiles. An online and offline platform that leverages the latest research in technology and science to assist its users find companions, not flings.

The idea of MYOLO had occurred to Kshitij (Co-Founder MYOLO) way back during university. Seeing people around him experimenting on the various dating apps swiping left and right they realised soon enough that this wasn’t going to help them. Also, a lot of people in successful jobs were becoming very discreet on the way they interacted on dating platforms. They didn’t want colleagues, friends to judge and there still was a stigma attached, a fear that being visible on a dating platform may dent their image.

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Recent Offline Event – Anti Valentines Day!

There is a huge population of people facing similar issues, especially women. We kept hearing about the fears of
stalkers and the apprehensions about meeting people online and sharing information. Profile verification was clearly a key. That helped us understand that matchmaking plainly on the basis of distance appeared doomed to fail when it comes to aiding serious relationships. There existed this space that called for some sort of intervention. And this need for a dating platform appeared to be the most among graduates from top grade institutes and professionals. Perhaps because the conversations they seek are best energised when they meet a similar bunch of people. So, we began to build around those ideas to come up with                                                                            a platform – online and offline – to help singles who are looking for more than just casual relationships meet singles with similar backgrounds and values said Kshitij.

“Big takeaway: Compatibility is built, not forced”

A big takeaway is to recognise that compatibility is not something that is inborn, but that it is built over time. People need to work on the relationships themselves but also need a push and a little nudge. The greatest challenge is that when the generation is so mobile it needs to be through a secure, curated and exclusive platform and also still be offline.

Recent Offline Event – Anti Valentines Day!

MYOLO is catering a niche group of single’s -graduates from elite institutes and professionals at reputed organisations. The primary focus is to understand their needs better and serve them in the best way possible.

“This audience has always deserved a platform with real class when it comes to matchmaking. And we want to give them that”.

Our characteristics: a curated, closed, secure and verified network like no other. These days what defines a person is his social media presence. So we rely on person’s social media platforms and gather data to decide if he is actually a right fit to join MYOLO. We respect privacy too and therefore we are giving all the filters in our user’s hand to hide his/her profile from colleagues, university group or even become an undercover and hide his profile completely and take decision to contact the other person first.

MYOLO team at work!

So what are you waiting for, take the plunge and join the list!

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