Manya Madan- Meet the lady who is changing the way Doctors and Chemists fill your prescriptions! 

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“Manya has that fire in her belly that makes her unstoppable.” If one line could describe somebody, then that statement is Manya personified.

Born into a family and a peer group of healthcare and pharmacy professionals, Manya was not immune to the pull of the healthcare industry. While she initially had plans to become a doctor and enter the industry, the tech bug bit her before she could don the white coat. Exposure to technology opened her mind to a possibility of not being directly in the industry yet managing to disrupt it.

Thus, Medicians was incepted. Medicians, an App available in the Play store for your Smartphone aims to silently disrupt the healthcare industry by revolutionizing the way one fills a prescription. One can order medicines online; look for better/cheaper alternatives, get detailed information about the salts that have gone into those medicines and much more using Medicians. They have tie-ups with local pharmacies to fulfill the order and deliver the medicines in less than 90 minutes.

While this facilitation does increase the ease by which a consumer can source their medicines, Medicians goes a step further in their quest of disrupting this age old industry.

All of us have heard at least one joke about a doctor’s handwriting or our total dependency on the Pharmacy executive to read the prescription right. Indians have managed to trudge their way through this by way of Jugaad all these days. Manya, however, has a different idea. Medician aims to stop this manual practice and helps consumers digitalize their prescriptions. This way, the prescription can be verified against the actual medicines and also take another doctor’s opinion becomes all the easier.

While E-commerce and delivery aggregator models have been trending in electronics, food, and other such industries, Healthcare is still new to this. So, what prompted Manya to take the plunge?

Bitten by the tech bug and itching to make a mark in Healthcare, Manya joined engineering. She immediately began learning the relevant skills to start her own venture. This is where she also met Paras, who later went to co-found Medicians with her. They started their venture in the second year of college and have been pushing for the goal ever since.

Started in 2015, Medicians in now almost 2 years old. However, it has been an easy path to cross. Getting the team in place was one of the biggest challenges according to Manya. She hired some, fired some. But, the most important thing was she continued to learn from each of these experiences to build the awesome team Medicians now have in place.

All said and done, it is close to impossible to run a company without having the right know-how. Manya strongly feels that doing business more from the heart and trusting your intuitions/instincts is the perfect business philosophy.

“Everyone should have the vision and start working towards your dreams. Your dreams will always keep you alive. You are not living if you are not moving ahead towards fulfilling your dreams. My advice to You is not to be afraid of anyone or anything, there is no one in the world who can stop you if you are determined to get things done. Gender is never a barrier. Those who agree with the fact that gender is a barrier has never tried enough” she tells us.

It is only appropriate to mention that her favorite quote is “Get Shit Done“. This girl is a powerhouse.

A powerhouse who is humble enough to admit that she finds inspiration in everybody she closely works with such as Paras, her father, Paras’s father, etc.

Well, we must admit that entering an industry such as Online Healthcare in its nascent stages and going on to changing the rules of the games needs determination, perseverance, and an unmatchable passion. Manya and the team of Medicians have those in spades.

So, here’s wishing them great adventure and enormous success from the team of


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