Divyaa Doraiswamy – How an Economist is changing the way our younger ones learn the ancient Sanskrit Shlokas!


It takes a big heart to APPRECIATE someone…and a SMALL MIND to Laugh at someone… You can choose to either have a big heart or a small mind ~ Divyaa Doraiswamy

When the entire globe is running after high technology gadgets, western education and ballet classes, Divyaa Doraiswamy is trying to keep our ancient traditions alive with her Shlokas school – The Gurukulam.  The growth of an individual is considered holistic when they fly high with their feet grounded to their roots. To keep the enigma of Indian culture alive in the new generation Divyaa started Gurukulum on the outskirts of Bangalore in Oct 2014.

Meet Divyaa:

We meet entrepreneurs who are high flyers, building products, creating outstanding services. They are busy catering to the corporate and minting money like never before. But how often have you encountered an entrepreneur who is dedicated to building the future of the nation by keeping the core value of the country/culture intact. This is what defines and demarcates Divyaa. An economics graduate who has been a corporate drone for a while decided to take a plunge and start something unique with a divine purpose of keeping the secrets of Indian culture alive in the new generation.

Her unique playschool (or home school) Gurulukam- the Shlokas school, is dedicated to teaching Shlokas to the kids from 5 -16 years. The Shlokas are taught in Sanskrit and it is intended to inculcate the ancient mystic values and learning into the kids.

The Gurukulam:

Divyaa has spread the essence of her Gurukulam in every corner starting from her apartment to pre-schools and extending to studio apartments. She also walks an extra mile to do one-on-one classes for kids in the comfort of their residence. These classes are really unique as they are more of a mother-baby duo classes where kids as small as 2 to 3 years are exposed to learning Shlokas along with their mothers. This builds the bond between the mother and the kid and as the kid repeats the Shlokas along with the mothers.

Down the line Gurukulam plans to expand its verticals to dance-school, pre-school and also spread out as a school for the blind. Expanding Gurukulam for the blind is a totally non-profit step which solely aims at extending the values and learning from the Shlokas to the physically challenged kids.

Entrepreneurship and more:

Divyaa is not a typical entrepreneur and Gurukulam is not her typical educational service. Every day Divyaa travels to her client’s location or someplace convenient to ensure that kids don’t undergo the hassle of travelling, especially in the face of security and safety incidents in the city. After work Divyaa’s time is dedicated to taking care of her makers (her ageing parents). A true divine soul, Divyaa spends a chunk of her time visiting old age homes and meeting unknown ageing people who have been left in these homes by their family.

In her ‘me time’, you will find Divyaa blogging as much as she can. Blogging helps her detox and focus at her work with renewed vigour.

Business challenges:

Marketing, creating awareness and building acceptance have been the major challenge for Divyaa for Gurukulam. Being a first of its kind in the market, the penetration was low and making her clients realise the value of inculcating ancients Shlokas for the advanced generation was a challenge. Offline advertisement and word of mouth marketing were the game changing quotients for Divyaa. What started with 6 students went up to a whooping 50 in no time.

Sneak peek into her philosophy:

Divyaa finds solace in the serenity of the temples. Other than that, chanting Hare Krishna Maha Mantra helps her bounce back to normalcy. An inspiring family, a caring mother, doting father and an inspiring sister holds her together during difficult times.

P.S: Storified.Me hasnt shared any images from the classes due to young children being involved. We respect privacy and never publish images of minors without the written consent of parents.

Get in touch:

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