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What did a final year engineering student find more interesting than watching weekend movies, going on erratic dates and having fun in college?

Email security

Sumukh Barve, a final year student at VJTI burnt his midnight oil to find an innovative solution to a crucial email security problem.  His idea and the final product addresses a key concern of email security that the entire globe is facing and has the potential to change the way we send and receive emails.

Email Security concerns:

Irrespective of being an SMB or a billion-dollar company, confidentiality is crucial in every walk of business.  All organizational and personal communications happen over emails. However, these emails sent by your email service provider are not encrypted.

What does this mean?

This means that your email provider can read your emails.

The story continues with the fact that Gmail (Google) actually scans your emails to learn about your preferences. It uses this information combining with predictive analytics to target you with the relevant advertisement. So, clearly your privacy is breached.

This means CODE RED.

Moving ahead, government and legal bodies (opposition lawyers) can have access to all your confidential data without your knowledge just because of the encryption flaw with email service providers.

Mailboxly at your service:

Superior technical acumen and market understanding of Sumukh conceived Mailboxly in early 2015. Mailboxly is
the smart piece of software that encrypts emails in such a way that only 3-demo-storified.meyou can access your email contents.




It gives you a security passphrase which allows you to have absolute control over your emails. Neither Gmail (nor any other email provider) nor Mailboxly can have access to your emails without your consent.

Further, in the instance of legal involvement, the government or legal bodies can access your email content only after your permission (as you have the security passphrase). Without your passphrase, your emails cannot be decoded by any organization or individual.

 How far in the game

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep”.

Sumukh’s army has created this brilliant security ninja, however, final year examinations and assignments sometimes eat into Mailboxly’s time. The current beta version is equipped to send and receive secure emails from your existing email service provider. The current product is priced at INR 1000 per month per user. There however an interesting introductory discount of 75% bringing the price down to INR 250 per user per month.

In a couple of months as college life will end, Sumukh plans to dedicate every second of his life in strengthening and marketing Mailboxly for corporates and enterprises globally.

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