Life Hacks : 5 Ways To Deal With A Bad Hair Day


    We all have bad hair days when our hair resembles a crow’s nest or looks as flat as a cheese cutting board. Been there, done that – We finally have a solution or you to deal with those days when your hair just does not feel right. It usually happens with the third/fourth day of washing. Here are 6 ways for you to deal with it and looks fashionable at the same time!

    1. Hats

    This can be a good alternative when you are having a bad hair day. A hat can cover up for you and you can still keep on the style factor. You can wear baseball caps or even a big hat, whatever you may please. Baseball caps, beach hats or even beanies, just pull it all together in style.

    hats bad hair day2. Braids

    This can be a great way to avoid those unruly manes. Try a fishtail braid, boxer braid, french braids and so much more. All of them look extremely pretty and no one even gets to know that you are having a bad hair day. Also you can experiment with two different styles of braids together and no one would know that you woke up with bad hair.

    braids bad hair day

    1. Dry shampoo

    This one is MAGIC. A dry shampoo is the best fix if you are having a bad hair day.dry shampoo gif Just spray some dry shampoo on your hair and give it a good shake with your fingers and viola! You get the ultimate messy hair look instantly and its totally in fashion so don’t worry. Also the dry shampoo will absorb all the excess oil in your scalp so your hair will not feel or look oily even though you haven’t shampooed for real!

    4. Bun

    This is a savior on a bad hair day. Just flip your hair over and form a bun and loosen it up a bit by pulling out a few strands. Loose messy buns are an amazing look and fix that unruly hair. Be it messy or high, buns are always in fashion and you can pull them off with almost anything, so this one is a definite win-win.

    bun bad hair day

    1. Ponytail

    A ponytail is also a very easy solution. Comb your neatly, do not leave any hair strand out. Pull up all your hair together and secure it with an elastic band neatly. You might do a high pony or keep it low near the nape of your neck. To give it an edgy look, pull out a side strand from the pony and wrap it around the elastic band and viola! Also, you can give it a really grunge look by spraying your hair with dry shampoo and then making a messy pony which also looks great. You go girl!

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