Kanika Khurana – Meet this Economics graduate who is making it easy for all of us to own those expensive brands at a super discount!


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Often we hear people claiming how they don’t follow fashions because they want to be different; they want to take alternative style roots to be comfortable or to stand out. We are what we wear, because what we wear is an expression of who we are. How many times do we look at our wardrobes and fall in love with our old clothes once again? And then start regretting the fact that they are now a misfit!! Happens too often, right?? Storified.Me brings to you today the story of a woman, Ms. Kanika Khurana, who could see an opportunity in this chaos that every woman has gone through at some point in time or another.

Pre-loved clothes aren’t clothes that are out of fashion; they are clothes whose threads are intertwined with stories – both remarkable and exciting. No longer on the best-selling list, these give you an opportunity to stand out in a crowd without competitors. Ms. Kanika Khurana deals in those exhilarating stories that pre-loved designer apparel have to tell. KlosetEdit is the solution to every woman’s daily dilemma, ‘Nothing to wear YET no space in my closet!’ It is an online platform for women to discover, buy and sell preloved fashion. They resell shoes, bags, accessories and clothing covering a wide range of brands from Zara to LV. Based on a consignment based model, they list and warehouse items for a period of 3 months. In order to sell pre-loved fashion, a seller simply fills a form with a few details of the product being sent along with a few photos. Styles selected by their in-house stylist are picked up. Once the item comes to the warehouse, it goes through an extensive quality and authenticity check and a resale price is quoted to the seller. Once the seller agrees to the pricing, they start the listing process. Everything from photography, hygiene to maintenance is taken care of by KlosetEdit team now. As and when the product sells, the seller is paid in form of a bank transfer or store credits. For buyers, KlosetEdit has become their one-stop shop for a year long sale on premium brands at up to 80% off retail. Transparency and good consumer experience are two key values KlosetEdit swears by.

Kanika and her co-founder, Deepal, felt the lack of creativity in their corporate jobs which is why they created KlosetEdit to give vent to their creativity. As two newcomers in the e-commerce world, they had to figure out every bit of the puzzle themselves. A lot of time was spent researching and understanding the best cost-effective technology to support our venture. One of the biggest challenges was to figure out the most cost-efficient medium for hardcore sales. To find the right balance between acquiring new customers while spending wisely was a tough task. And the tough task is easier said than done. Running a startup is more of lows than highs, every entrepreneur will agree to this. In tough times or setbacks, Kanika just stops for a moment and looks back on all that she has achieved – Reminding herself of that happy customer, the first article about KlosetEdit or that one thing she thought she couldn’t do, but she did eventually get around it. And when the going gets tough, Kanika gets going, believing that ‘This too shall pass’. After conducting an extensive market research and understanding the patterns of consumer behavior in India, Kanika realized that our country was a ready and mature market into which the concept of pre-loved fashion could be introduced. The thrill of building a brand coupled with this research was enough motivation for Kanika to take the plunge into the startup world!

Kanika believes in adding value to everything that she does every day. She has thus created KlosetEdit not only as a pioneer of pre-loved fashion in the Indian Market but also as a joint implementation of unique concepts to energise the company. Some of those unique concepts are listed below:

1.Product Curation: KlosetEdit follows an inventory-led model so as to focus solely on stringent checks for quality, condition and authenticity. They list only and only the best quality products and are completely transparent about the condition of each item. In short, they only sell what they love!

  1. An array of styles: From dresses to suits, slings to totes, flats to heels, necklaces to earrings, we have a diverse range of product listings! KlosetEdit’s all-encompassing brand list ranges from high street fashion to high-end fashion, and the catalog is constantly updated with new styles added every week!
  2. Branded bargains: As a pre-owned model, they are at liberty to offer aspirational brands at a fraction of their retail price. This is something that appeals to all buyers!
  3. Charity: KlosetEdit is the one stop shop to clear out one’s closet, shop great styles at a great discount while contributing to a social cause at the same time. When selling with KlosetEdit, the seller can choose to mark a certain percentage her earnings to our handpicked charities. Selling unused LV bag or ill-fitted Jimmy Choo shoes can help adopt an orphan, an old age citizen or feed a stray!

Kanika’s work day is split between Operations, Marketing and Customer Service. While no two days look the same, as each day comes with its own set of ups and downs, processing orders, talking to customers and exploring innovative ways of marketing are what make each day an awesome one. She spends some time researching as well, learning about new technology or understanding customer behaviour better. The heart and soul of KlosetEdit for Kanika lie in winning her customer’s heart.

Inspired by her mom’ dedication and determination, Kanika also aspires to be the same. She is never afraid to take the plunge and always relies on other people’s experience and her own impeccable planning. She idealises Zappos for the way it treats its employees and customers. Even for KlosetEdit, she relies a lot on word of mouth and referrals promotion of the company. Apart from that, she believes in e-mail marketing and collaborations with fashion brands.

She recalls her dad’s words, “If you put your heart on something, there is no stopping you until you achieve it.” She solves all her problems passionately and diligently and makes sure that the solution has a real impact. Kanika says that goals are important, but the journey matters as much. She cherishes all her success, no matter how small or how big.

Here’s wishing the superwoman all the success in her endeavours and hoping that she has an exceptionally amazing journey worth remembering!