Kabadaa.com – Selling your trash made easier!


Today mobile phones have slowly conquered the world. Be it craving a pizza, or looking for property, or gadgets, we reach for our cell phones.  But what about the excess waste that comes out of this modern and supposedly efficient lifestyle? Can we get that sorted in the click of another button? Well. Now we can.  All thanks to Kabaada.com, selling away all wastes is just a click away.

Like most of us when Mohneesh Bhardwaj,  was leaving his college hostel for summer vacations he observed that most people  left behind a huge amount of trash. This scrap was then being sold by the hostel authorities. He noticed several problems in the system, such as the lack of distinction between normal and e-waste, and decided to take charge of the situation.  And these observations fueled by some motivation from various online portals led to Kabaada.com – a portal that helps people sell their scrap without waiting for the dealer.

Kabaada.com is a local door to door pick up service for scrap materials and e-wastes at the best price in the market. The entire city is divided into smaller units to make supervision easy. All we have to do is to locate our wastes and submit a pickup request. This can be done by logging into the website; calling or simply by WhatsApping.  When someone submits a request, it is forwarded to the vendor in that territory.  The next thing we know is that a local ‘kabaadiwala’ comes and collects our scrap. This makes getting rid of waste easier, efficient and modern, without damaging the income of the local Kabaadiwalas. Kabaadi.com instead provides more employment to them. They hire them and work with them on a commission basis. What makes it better is that Kabaada.com already has standardized rates for different kinds of wastes. So users do not need to bargain with kabaadiwalas or wonder about the rates of different materials.  This facility is not just for household families, but also commercial as well as industrial establishments like Shopping Malls, Schools/Colleges etc.

After Mohneesh had started up, it was joined by his classmate and friend Ashish Yadav and then as it becomes popular it attracted many eyes from all over around the country.

Ashutosh Shukla, his brother in law and an IIT-Roorkee pass-out mentors Mohneesh in this since inception and Abhay Jain, IIT-Kanpur pass-out has joined afterwards.Kabaada.com is a strong team of 4 members, associated with more than 75 scavengers/scrap collectors in the city.

Mohneesh observes that about 42 million tons of scrap is recycled in India every year.  In the future, he claims that the team aspires to become the market leader in recycling all scrap materials across India.

After few months of its operation, kabaada.com witnessed 50,000 unique visitors on the website/month with around 2000 registered users. The team has been receiving requests from around various cities to start services.
Mohneesh has been awarded the EO-GSEA (Global Student Entrepreneur Awards ) at IIT – Chennai 2016. Kabaada.com also received the best eco-friendly startup award by the DIT-University.

After 8 months of operation, the enterprise has already raised 18 lakhs as seed round funding from some investment bankers. The team charges commission as revenues and another source of revenues include Advertising & priority charges.
With start-ups like kabaada.com and the like, we can look forward to a cleaner and greener country. We would like to extend our best and many thanks to the start-up breaking in as an early ray of hope towards a sustainable future.