How the Facebook Group "Indian Ladies in UK" is spreading the message of "Unity in Diversity"!


It is said that India is a living example of the phrase “Unity in Diversity” and that it can be seen very clearly in the country where people celebrate each and every festival with the same joy and fanfare.

Indian Ladies in UK (ILU) group just took the saying a little too seriously and put up the most wonderful display last weekend in the heart of London. ST Pancras Station which is a famous icon in the heart of London witnessed the most beautiful display of dance performances.  The performance was put up on the occasion of “International Woman’s Day” on 8th of March.

Ladies braved the weather and put on their finest Indian attires with jewellery and set the streets on fire by dancing on some hits like Bhumroo, London Thumakda, Chennai Express and many more.

As a proud member of the ILU, I couldn’t have been more proud of my girls when I saw the lovely video. Keep it up Poonam Joshi and the rest of the community.

Team Storified.Me congratulates all the participants of the Flashmob and we hope to see more of such events from that end of the world.

Goodluck Ladies 🙂


Images – Taken from the Facebook Group “Indian Ladies in UK (ILU) – Unity in Diversity”.

No Copyright infringement intended.