In this Facebook live session which was held on 9th July 2016, Storified. Me spoke to Madhavi Jadhav about sex education.

Madhavi is a petroleum engineer by profession and also the founder of a website called ‘Thatmate’. Thatmate is a platform that aims towards addressing any sex-related queries. It’s a very common misconception that sex education is related to only sex. It’s a lot more than that, and it included topics every single individual should be aware of.

Madhavi had a lot of questions herself in her younger days, and she decided that something needs to be done to make people understand that sex education is very necessary for a country like ours. Thatmate is a small initiative by Madhavi to help people because it’s easier to look up something than go up to someone and ask.

In this live session apart from talking about her initiative, Madhavi talks about how India needs to up its game when it comes to sex education in schools. At what age should schools start? How should parents handle ‘awkward’ situations, and much more is addressed by her. She also catered to the questions asked by our viewers.

Watch the entire video here to change and improve your perception towards sex education.