Hunger Patrol – This startup in Bangalore is catering to your midnight cravings!


For all the night owls in Bangalore, craving yummy restaurant quality food – you have a savior. Hunger patrol, founded by a group of 4 friends has decided to satiate the hunger of all night owls and provide them with tasty, stylish food backed by an incredibly efficient service. Hunger Patrol is essentially a late night food delivery service. They cater to all the hungry souls between 9 PM to 3 AM with a wide range of cuisines starting from North Indian, Chinese, Rolls, Desserts, and Beverages. Additionally, they have also started stocking and delivering over the counter drugs, midnight essentials such as sanitary napkins, condoms, first aid, etc.

Their M.O to stay and win in this sector? Quality and Rapport with the customer. “For us, quality comes first. We are constantly trying to improve our quality based on customer feedback. After every delivery, when people are unhappy with the service, we make sure I call them personally and ask them what went wrong”, shares Ankita Sahay, one of the founders. They feel this develops trust among the customers for Hunger Patrol. They often send out personalized notes to the customers which help them connect with the startup and remain loyal to them. Elaborating on the USP of Hunger patrol, “The quality and quantity of food at the price which we offer in such odd hours is something which our customers love. We also send handwritten notes to each of our customers which add a personal touch and create a bond between us. Complimentary dessert is another thing which surprises most of our customers.”IMG-20160618-WA0017

Hunger patrol works in a very simple manner. The customers can directly place their orders through the website or call on the virtual number. Once the order is accepted, they send the customers an estimated time.

e by which the food will be delivered. In case there will be a delay due to rains, the customers get a personal call to get an update. The average time of delivery is around 60mins in their service area. Hunger Patrol also associated with Foodpanda, Swiggy, and Zomato online ordering.

Knowing your audience is an essential part of running an effective restaurant. Hunger patrol though believes in not having a particular target audience but cater to all hungry night owls. “Since our timing starts from 9 PM, it is also convenient for early sleepers who prefer having their dinner early. If I go by stats, the age bracket is mainly between 20 and 30.”

Now that we know a lot about Hunger patrol, let’s explore its back-story, the history of how it all began. “Since college, I always wanted to have something of my own but never actually gave it a thought. One fine day, my friend and I were hungry at 2 AM and there were no food options available in that area. So I asked him, why don’t we start something like this?! That was when it all started. I did some research and drafted the first ever business plan in an excel sheet on 18th November 2014”. There was a huge market and we were sure it would be a hit. We were so excited. I emailed the business plan along with some motivational links of people in this line of business and their success stories. It worked! After that, there was no stopping. We reached out to our best friends and explained the whole deal”, shares excitedly Ankita.

Hunger patrol is the result of a team’s effort. “The 4(me and 3 more guys) of us got together and started Hunger Patrol. There have definitely been a lot of challenges in planning and execution but the fun which we had is what we remember the most. All 4 of us complement each other and we are friends’ first and business partners later. Trust is what binds us. I am so glad that I’m part of such an amazing team. Hunger Patrol was started by 4 of us – KartikSondhi, Raunaq Kumar, Vinay IMG-20160229-WA0025Reddy and myself. Raunaq is a coder at heart and comes up with all the technical advancement that he can. He is a person who likes getting into each of the minute detail and will not leave it until it is perfect – be it the paper quality of the flyers or the sticker size of our logo. He is a perfectionist. Kartik has always been more in marketing and strategy. Somehow he always used to come up quirky lines to promote our brand and planning out in the execution of day to day things. He left for his MBA this year and is currently studying in Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. He keeps sharing his knowledge and implementing in the current model of Hunger Patrol. Sometimes even we get surprised how we had not thought about that. Vinay is the backbone of the team. He looks into operations. I am pretty sure he would’ve memorized the prices of Onion and Tomato for each month and how they have been fluctuating. He loves browsing and comes up with all the new websites and workarounds. He is the calmest of 4 of us and for every argument, he has one solution – Take a deep breath and say ‘So….ham’.“

GroupAnkita feels that they are best friends first and partners later. “I have heard people saying that relations get spoiled once you start getting engaged in a business together. For us, it has been the opposite. We realized what more we are capable of. Yes, there have been heated arguments, but there is nothing that cannot be solved over a cup of coffee/beer. Every day we have worked our ass off. Mondays are the only days when we can rest as Hunger Patrol is closed so we made sure we made the most of it. Once, we hired a manager, it became a bit easier on us. We started focusing more on business development while the operations went on smoothly. Looking back, I cannot have asked for a better team. Every person somehow compliments each other. We have sort of grown as a person together. We’ve picked each other up during rough times – be it personal or professional. Our mantra is simple – work hard and party even harder. We have celebrated even the tiniest events together – be it the first order that crossed Rs 1000 or the first bulk corporate order that we got. I love these guys and I am glad I have them in my life as my best friends first. We are a small family in an unknown city.”

While the four of them form the heart and soul of Hunger patrol, there are other people too tirelessly working round the clock ensuring quality and deliverables. They all work hard and the cool startup environment makes it easier to do so. “Hunger Patrol has head chefs, helpers, and our own delivery executives. There is an environment of fun all the time. We have always believed in a flat hierarchy and there is a fun filled environment all the time. Yes, we have had our own set of issues and misunderstandings but there is nothing that cannot be solved. Our office area is full of posters, bean bags, and white boards. A typical start-up environment”, explains Ankita.


A boot-strapped company, with a current traction of 2,500 with around 25-30 orders per day, they are growing at a rapid speed and are focusing on increasing the customer base. They plan to set up another branch 8 months down the line.

As a team, they are also launching yet another start up(a joint venture with another company) which will focus only on healthy food. “We will be delivering food made entirely from organic products. People can opt for subscriptions on a monthly/weekly basis for lunch, breakfast, and dinner. We will be going live in another 2 weeks time.”

We think it’s safe to assume that there is a lot of yumminess on the cards and plates for this start-up in the coming months.

We look forward to the day when Hunger patrol becomes a household name for all the night owls in hunger mode!!

Power on, Hunger patrol!