Huda Shaikh – Meet this young entrepreneur all set to help you with a healthy lifestyle!


This is the story of a woman who decided to channel her learning and experience towards starting a business of her own to help people around her.  Meet Huda Shaikh, a clinical nutritionist, and dietician. She is the Founder/Director of NutriBond, a website catering to promote healthy living. Call it sheer luck or genetics, Huda has never faced any weight issues till date. She believes in eating well and working out well which helped her decide what she wanted to do with her life. Huda decided to come up with a nutrition model of her own that’ll help people from all walks of life achieve their goal.

Huda had an amazing childhood. Born in Muscat, she did a part of her schooling there. As a child, she was blessed with good grades and perseverance. Post her Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, she went on to pursue her Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.  This is the turning point when she dreamt of being an entrepreneur. She realised how important it is to be independent while trying to make a mark in this big world.  She was ranked 3rd in her batch which made her parents realise how talented she is.”You are my daughter and I am immensely proud of you’’ says Huda’s father.

NutriBond aims at weight loss, weight gain, eliminating diabetes, treating PCOS, and other such things. Huda plans the diet for her patients, tracks their progress, follows up with them, and solves their diet related problems. Apart from that, she maintains a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Huda also writes health related articles for leading websites and magazines. All of this helps her learn a lot and stay updated with the latest health trends.  Her day begins with an hour or two dedicated to fitness and some reading.  Then she spends the day nurturing her venture – NutriBond.  For relieving stress, she makes sure she spends time with her family; listening to some good music also helps she says.

A lot of people find it extremely impossible to go on a diet. They’re apprehensive to even start one because of lack of motivation and the ability to give into temptation.

How does Huda overcome these kinds of challenges?

“I think this is a challenge which almost every dietician faces, people sometimes do not take a dietician seriously thinking that we prescribe just what has to be eaten and what not. But yes by God’s grace I have never faced any major financial or professional challenges so far; I have been lucky to have a smooth journey throughout” says Huda. She believes in maintaining a friendly relationship with her patients. She tries to change the perception of the general public through her one on one conversations and articles. She aims at making her patients comfortable so that they understand what is told to them better.

What’s the secret behind bagging opportunities?

“Be what you are and present yourself and your skills in the best possible way. Always carry your confidence along with you and you will bask in the new opportunities that come your way. Do pay heed to the opportunities that come your way and select the best for yourself.”

Huda’s biggest inspiration has been her mother. The way her mother faced challenges throughout her life and sailed through them gracefully motivated Huda to be just like her. She believes in working hard and has a ‘never give up’ attitude. She says that if an individual is passionate about pursuing his/her dreams then there is nothing that can stop them from being successful. Success does not come handy it needs to be earned!
Her only advice is to stay motivated and learn from the difficult times rather than getting discouraged from it.  Huda has only one philosophy in life — “If good things lasted too long we would never appreciate how precious they are and hence ups and downs in life keep you grounded and never let you forget from where you have come”, she signs off.We at Storified.Me wish that she continues to excel in her chosen field and Nutribond continues to motivate many people towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

We at Storified.Me wish that she continues to excel in her chosen field and Nutribond continues to motivate many people to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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