Honey Jain Kathuria – Meet the lady who is making life simple by helping us find Co-working spaces across the globe!


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“Even Impossible says i m possible”

Honey, an MBA from Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development started her venture Kowrk.com in 2015. Hailing from a business family, Honey wanted to do something of her own. Her work experience of 14+ years across 5 countries equipped her with the knowledge and expertise to utilize her strengths to achieve bigger goals.

The idea behind Kowrk was born when she helped a friend find a co-working space in Hong Kong by visiting 10+ spaces. Kowrk is a platform that enables The Future of Work™ by connecting users with co-working spaces and shared offices. With Kowrk, finding, comparing and booking a co-working space or shared office across countries is as easy as booking a hotel.  Kowrk offers an easy to use, a location-based search that lists all spaces available within a specified distance of the user. All spaces listed on Kowrk have been individually vetted and users can view amenities, user reviews, photographs and indicative prices for each space. Kowrk is currently present in 22 cities across the globe. They do not charge any fees and make money by charging providers of shared office space for each lead and conversion. Their target audience could be freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, distributed teams, visiting employees and temporary companies who are looking for a professional shared workspace. For providers, Kowrk simplifies the process of leasing underutilized shared office space. Ordinarily, this long process involves marketing to attract potential users, responding to queries and visits by customers, and managing uneven demand. Kowrk’s multi-country presence results in increased awareness among a bigger customer base.  Kowrk also gives providers the ability to differentiate listings by highlighting specific amenities and incorporate customer feedback collected and shared by Kowrk. Providers can manage demand patterns by being informed of customer’s bookings in advance and by being able to customize the time of availability of their space.

Honey begins by telling us that she had an amazing childhood where her parents believed in the value of education and extracurricular activities and hence she and her siblings participated and won many competitions. She was an all-rounder, a topper throughout school and college and worked on a fund campaign for Help Age India since her school days and since then she has been associated with many NGOs in various capacities.

She further adds that she doesn’t have a typically predictable day, thanks to Kowrk! However, after a productive day at work, a workout at the gym and reading a book helps her relax. She says that every job comes with its set of challenges and she faces her share too. Her biggest challenge has been firing unfit people to ensure that she builds an effective team, thus being perceived as a bad person who takes away someone’s job. But she tries and overcomes this challenge by spending a lot more time in hiring people through the vetting process and rigorous rounds of interview to minimize the possibility of hiring and thus firing an unsuitable candidate. She further goes on to tell us that they haven’t had a ‘Eureka’ moment of finding the most effective way to help users, but having said that, personalization of services is one of their key value adds to customer’s experience. However, at Kowrk, they always strive to treat each potential and regular customer personally.

Honey draws her inspiration from her mother and grandfather. For the women entrepreneur in her, Sheryl Sandberg is a constant source of inspiration!

Her book and talks on Lean In have inspired her to step outside of her comfort zone and disregard societal expectations. On a spiritual level, Rumi’s philosophy on the true meaning of life and all related emotions have been her guide and her advice to all budding entrepreneurs will be to go ahead and take the plunge.

She has a simple philosophy that people are biggest assets and every penny counts. During difficult times she draws her motivation from her husband, family, and friends who help her bounce back from lows and help her succeed in achieving highs. Their confidence, honest feedback, support, and love have made her a realistic dreamer and achiever and that is what keeps her propelling further.

She wraps her interview by telling us that her family members call her “Jhansi ki Rani”

Team Storified.Me wishes Honey and Kowrk the very best in life!