Hemali Shah – How a housewife changed her life with her own franchisee


Thinking about the greater good is always time-consuming and it never moves out of the boardroom discussions. We discuss, brainstorm and analyze the issues that are crippling women and forcing them to stay at home, but how many times have we decided to break barriers and inspire to women to move out of their houses to attain independence.

Such is the story of Hemali shah, who moved beyond inspiring people within the confines of her walls to women trapped within unknown walls. The middle-class women in Mumbai had a typical lifestyle of being bound in the unknown chains within the four confining walls. Deprivation, poverty and an incessant struggle to make both ends meet became the agenda of their life. In an attempt to break this stereotypical mindset, Hemali Shah went ahead and knocked on every room to enable the women to welcome change. She rose to the occasion and took ‪Tupperware as passionate work where she enjoyed educating problems faced by housewives and motivated them to come out of their houses. Her devotion towards uplifting the women in the society was recognized by corporate bodies and Hemali was appointed as the distributor with Tupperware India. Her contribution to society as lightening up lives and motivating women was recognized by Headlines Today media on ‪Womens Day 2015

Sneak Peek into Hemali’s life and her passion:

Joy Party sales in the B2B company founded by Hemali in the busy land of Mumbai to fulfill her dreams and give her the financial and psychological independence that every individual craves. At the age of 37, toughened by the bruises of life, Hemali started Joy Party Sales as a business which is started by a woman exclusively for the betterment of the women.

As in any business, Hemali lovely quotes the happiest day of her life as the day when he got her first order check from the client. A factor which very few of us can deny having confronted. The biggest challenge that Hemali had confronted during the initial stages of her business was the illusive success even after long hours of hard work and dedication. However, rather than looking at failure as a curse she looked upon it as a blessing in disguise to push harder towards her goals. Effectively working with proper planning helped Hemali finally climb up the success ladder with élan.

Meeting people and educating them about the business benefits have by far been the most successful strategy to gain and retain clients. An absolute self-believer and a preacher of hard work Hemali has managed to achieve many laurels and she believes the best is yet to come.

We would love to thank Mrs. Gopi Vyas for sharing this wonderful story with us.

Team Storified.Me wishes Hemali Goodluck in her future endeavors.