Dr Harshaa Seth – How a degree in Naturopathy didnt stop this lady from starting her own Art School!


It is often considered to be a fairytale when art takes over the monotonous and uninspired lives shaded with disbelief and indifference to introduce us to the bliss of motivation which gives us wings to soar high.

No, we aren’t here to tell you a fairytale. What we are talking about is a dream that one is successfully living – Meet Harshaa, a soul based out of Pune who grew up in a happy childhood with many friends, rigorous studies and various extra-curricular activities like music, dance, art and sports.

Harshaa managed to do all, with great sincerity and commitment. She trained in Bharatnatyam for seven years; appeared for the renowned musical exam of Gandharva MahaVidyala up to three levels; and represented her school in Basketball at the Inter-School level. She went to Bhausaheb Firodiya High school and later in Ahmednagar college of Science. Besides this, she is also a Bachelor of Science & a Doctor of Naturopathy. Interesting isn’t it?

Harshaa started her career journey in a Pharmaceutical MNC. One can only imagine that she decided to replace the career with her passion and follow her calling in Art.DSC01692

“…..as Art & Education is my passion I left my job to pursue my passion & I started my own Institute, Harshaa’s Modern Art,of” she tells us.

Today, she has grown up to become an exemplary woman who has many feathers to her hat. She works as a Jewellery designer for Films, TV serials, Ad Films & portfolios. She has also been honoured with the Mahila Bhushan Award. She has contributed to more than 45+ episodes of demonstrations on Colors TV & Channel 9. Her interviews are covered by TOI, Indian Express, Sakal Times, Sakal ,Lokmat, Pudhari etc. and various others. She has also written columns on ‘Small Scale Business for women’ in Business magazines & News Papers.

She has also founded an institute called the Harshaa’s Modern Art Institute. It strives to give voice to our artistic motivations and offer us an alternative pursuing our passions sustainably and living a meaningful life immersed in our various interests. She started this wonderful journey back in 1998.  The   aim of the institute  is  to  train  DSC02212students  professionally so  that  they  can  start  their own  startup.  It is trying to transform the passion for art  into a profession for  many of us. The social dimension of the venture also lies in its feministic approach as the target audience of the venture are women ranging across an age group of 15 to 60. It develops opportunities for many women marginalised by the mainstream culture vis-a-vis career opportunities and helps us develop an alternate agency.

“In a society, we live today, women should be financially independent. So according to me,  Education  should  be  the  priority  which  will  make  the  women  strong  and independent” Harsha tells us.

The institute conducts more than sixty courses like Diploma in Jewellery Designing, Diploma in Home Science, Diploma in Murals, Professional Course of Chocolate Making & Chocolate Bouquet Making, Diploma in Interior Designing, Personality Development etc. Students from India, as well as abroad come for their Training Programmes. About 100 k+ students up till now have been trained and we are still counting. Social Media Marketing and newspaper advertising help her spread the word for her institute.


Harsha starts her day with yoga and coffee and then gets busy with the preparations for her classes. The classes run from 10:00am in the morning and go on as late as 7:00pm. The next part of the day remains busy with preparations for the next day’s schedules, meetings, material purchasing for the courses etc.

She remains extremely occupied as the institute also takes evening  batches  and weekend batches for  working women. The biggest challenges for Harshaa remains time management which she deals with by strict day planning. Her love for books keeps her motivated through tough times. She also said that ‘There is no elevator to success… you have to take the stairs…’.

She soulfully observes that everyone around  us  has  something  fascinating which is also inspiring. The  key  people  that  inspire  her  are  Leela Poonawala, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Chanda Kochhar ,Sania Mirza. Her business philosophy remains hard work, honesty, transparency, management, and customer satisfaction.

Her better half proudly claims that “I feel proud of her hard work and dedication towards everything she does! I wish all the success to her in her life.”

Storified Me feels elated to acknowledge Harshaa as a leading entrepreneur.