Nayna Shriyan – Bringing Handmade Jewellery to your house!


As women, we all love jewellery. When Nayna Shriyan realized not a lot of people would be interested in murals, she took on to Jewellery designs, which she believed was a great idea, to spread her designs to a larger audience.She has, since then, single handly nurtured this business and not just created a name for herself but also enjoys her passion thoroughly.

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Nayna Shriyan founded Nayna Studios in Thane, Maharshtra, India in the year 2010, where she designs some fine handcrafted one of a kind jewellery which is like a wearable art. “I like to think my work helps my clients get tons of attention for their style,” says Nayna with a big smile on her face.

“Creating a piece calms me down,” says Nayna, so she heads to her home studio first thing in the morning and has kept evening time for social media and updating her online store.
She recently launched lines of Boxes, Bowls, and small home decor pieces. So if you are looking for some fine handcrafted jewellery head to her online store right here.

Starting a business is always challenging with so many logistics involved and it was certainly not smooth sailing for her too. When asked about the challenges she has to face in running the day to day business she pointed out that being a one-man show is very challenging . She has to handle every aspect of the business from designing, creating, photographing, marketing and shipping.

She feels that networking is extremely important and is the most effective way of generating awareness about her brand. The viral marketing happens through word of mouth.

Nayna can be reached through her Facebook page.



Handmade Bracelet
Handmade Bracelet