Gayathri Thekkedath: A hope to the hopeless, an inspiration to the one in pain, a light to the dark and a goal to the one with no aim!!!


‘Gayathri’ as the name suggests, She is the provider of Knowledge and Wisdom. She is the one who drives away darkness and ignorance though her divine light and guidance. Such is the power in this name. One such person is Gayathri Thekkedath who has taken up this divine task of bringing wisdom and light in the lives of many. This 29-year-old little goddess has started her journey in the field of mental health and care in 2016. She owns a venture called as HopewithinHope. Born in Kerela, she currently resides in Mumbai, Powai. Having done her MBA in Marketing, she is currently pursuing Post Graduation Diploma in Counselling (Psychology).

On asking her about what motivated her to become who she was today, she says her past has played an integral role in shaping her present. Apart from having her own venture, she is also an account manager for Vodafone India account and she is the face to the client IBM in terms of any issue, escalation, new projects, existing delivery, etc. that keep her busy in meetings throughout the day.

When we asked her about what has been her biggest challenge in her career, she says a fun loving team has been her biggest challenge and to overcome this challenge, she has started on her own so that she can pick and choose her own team. She says that the most effective way of getting new opportunities is by meeting the right people, people with whom you can connect.

Talking about her childhood, she says that her childhood was always inside books whereas her school and college life was inside more and more books. Who knew this book worm one day would be helping so many people around her. Gayathri loves to sleep and has developed a flair for writing these days.

She advises everyone to stop complaining and start focusing on the positive aspects of life. She Banner 6_1believes in her stars and this has always motivated her in difficult times. She says that when you talk, you are repeating what you already know. When you listen, you are actually learning something new. This proves that she is a great listener which is a perfect quality of a good counsellor. She says that her experiences inspire her the most. This is how you achieve great heights in life. Only if you embrace your experiences, will you be able to love your life the way it is.

Taking about her life philosophy she affirms “My philosophy is to not let your past have a bearing on the present.” On asking her about what a male member of her family has quoted about her she laughingly replies, “You are an item ;)”

When the whole world says “Give up”, Hope silently whispers “Try it once more”. This is what hope within hope has been doing in the lives of many in need. It not only gives them hope but a new reason to live life to the fullest. So don’t lose hope, you never know what tomorrow may bring.

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