Gamedoora – The platform which is disrupting the way we develop games in India!


Pokémon Go, Angry Birds, Subway Surfer, Temple Run and much more – games that are addictive and we love playing but never wonder how they were developed. With a craze in gaming the sector, the industry is releasing new games every day in an attempt to become the next big thing.

Making a game is no child’s play and it most definitely isn’t a single person’s effort. Creative professionals spend months and years to make their dream come true. Gamedoora steps in as a breath of fresh air, giving the developers a collaborative platform to see their project achieve success.

Developed by Devang Parikh, Chirag Shah, Ravish Mody and Ravi Dave, together have more than 25 years of experience in running and managing the various aspects related to gaming from designing to production.

Gamedoora is an exclusive game / animation studio designed for every creative person involved in the production pipeline – namely animators, developers, writers, musicians and designers. It is built to revitalize the game production pipeline and serve passionate creative enthusiasts build great new content / games with their own community in an open source landscape. The concept was born with a desire to eliminate the pain points associated with the current game production pipeline for indie game developers, publishers, large game studios as well as anyone associated with the creative and constructively infectious gaming industry.

To understand the above, let’s say Kim wants to develop a game but his friends / partners are in different parts of the world. Brainstorming sessions, interactions, and changes become difficult and cannot be executed smoothly. Gamedoora solves this by giving a common roof to all the creative professionals who can come together and create a game in real time.

Think of Gamedoora as a digital community for the modern and old age mindsets. This generation wants flexibility, the community needs a place to come and collaborate freely, just like any other open source project (eg:  Linux, Firefox, Blender, Godot etc.)

They have mimicked that thinking for the creative minds, to help enthusiast access new projects, showcase their work and passion towards a concept, game, story line till the final production and commercialization. They encourage and evolve the community for the seamless creation of a whole gaming production lifecycle.


Gamedoora is a junction for all types of story writers, game developers, animators, artists, designers etc. where members can set up online studios and create, post, share and showcase their projects. In Devang’s words, “Our primary aim is to accelerate and enhance complete game development cycle and help passionate game enthusiasts find and build creative games using an open source philosophy. Think of it as a gaming industry incubator, execution platform that assists teams through their complete game production pipeline, from ideation to revenues, something that currently does not exist in their productive landscape. Our platform will help them save time and money, efficiently collaborate, be more productive, network and promote their projects. We are solving multiple problems often faced by people involved in the game production pipeline and we are giving them the opportunity to take their production to the next level. Thus, by providing a cloud-based platform anyone can create, connect and collaborate and make their idea / dream come to life.”

Their in-depth study of the competitive gaming landscape showed them that there are multiple networking and collaboration platforms, however, there wasn’t a direct platform covering the complete creative making process. Clubbed with the above, having a community targeting different people and markets is their unique selling proposition.

Their tie-up with Punyakoti, India’s first crowd-funded and Sanskrit Animated film is a great story. The film is being made with the same open source philosophy where the team is using Gamedoora to collaborate and contribute to the film from across India, managing their assets along with keeping track of the tasks.

Punyakoti is the first crowdsourced and crowdfunded animated movie in Sanskrit. The movie raised a record INR 41 lakhs through the crowdfunding platform Wishberry last year for its pre-production and music. “Ours is a frugal project. We have a lot of people from different parts of the world working on the project and cannot invest in a physical infrastructure. We were looking for an online platform to store, track and share our production assets. Gamedoora was ideal for our needs,” said Ravishankar V, director of Punyakoti.

Talking about their future plans, Devang says, “Gamedoora will soon have features to create and edit images or videos, making it a one-stop-shop for creating high-quality games, animation and video content”. To this, Ravi added, “Cloud and collaboration are the future of digital movie making.”

Gamedoora is currently bootstrapped but this doesn’t hamper their positivity and enthusiasm one bit. They believe their startup will very soon change the way games are developed in India and there would be a very popular and viral game that would trace its roots back to the country.