DuaVivo – Making Luxury brands affordable to the common man!


We all have a soft corner for those perfectly made, flawlessly hand-stitched and fashionably designed products from our favourite luxury brands. While some of us just cannot stop buying it, there are others who would love to stack up their wardrobe with these impeccable beauties. DuaVivo is here to make those dreams come true! DuaVivo (translated as ‘Second Life’) is an innovative Bangalore-based start-up that bridges the wide gap between two very significant segments of the market today: the buyers and the sellers. The sellers are those who have these luxury DuaVivo -products (8)brands in surplus that are often left unused while the buyers are those who would love to lay their hands on these magnificent luxury brands at a subsidized price. DuaVivo holds luxury products that start from Rs. 6000, thus making it accessible to both men and women of various age groups. This start-up functions on a membership basis wherein there are 4 categories (based on the duration) namely newbie, hangout, addicted and vintage.

The company came to life when one of the founding members heard an argument between her parents about the unused luxury items her mother had purchased. This gave rise to an idea that is now turning into a successful business. What once started as a team of five at the end of 2015 is now expanded to a dedicated team of fifteen passionate enthusiasts of the luxury trade. This is a start-up that has addressed an issue that has been occurring in most households when it comes to unused luxury items and it is a rather refreshing idea to be able to trade something and make it of use instead of piling them up in the back of a wardrobe.

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DuaVivo comes across as a breath of fresh air as it gives you the chance to be able to trade at a process that is extremely simple. If a seller is interested in putting up a product, they can do so in two ways. DuaStore is a place where the products are handed over to DuaVivo where it goes through a spa cleaning process and a professional photography session for approval. They are later displayed in their physical store in VR Bengaluru Mall and their website. In this process, a small consignment amount is deducted from the overall price by DuaVivo for the above-DuaVivo -products (13)mentioned services. Second, DuaDirect can be used for sellers to upload their product on the website where they can directly carry out the transaction without the involvement of DuaVivo unless there is any value added services such as pick-up and delivery associated with it.

DuaVivo has made itself versatile enough to give their members a choice that would best suit their preferences. Beyond this point, there is only moving forward for this young team. They further strive to open luxury stores across the country alongside being a prominent presence in the realms of online shopping through their website and app. DuaVivo certainly has the scope for being the go-to brand for buying and selling luxury products and their enthusiasm will certainly drive them towards creating customer experiences that are totally off the hook!