Dr.Hemapriya – Meet this philanthropist Doctor couple who are providing free medical care for Underprivileged Children!


Dr Hemapriya MBBS,AFIH aka Doctor Mommy and Dr Gopi Nallaiyan  M.s,M.ch, DNB  are your quintessential doctor couple, with two cute kids.  Like many doctors who don’t have a private practice, they were working in corporate hospitals. While the hospitals themselves were well equipped and had lots of facilities and talented staff, they also had pretty strict regulations about patients. Dr Gopi’s  specialty being pediatric cardiac surgery, an area that involved high risk and heavy costs. They came across many patients, who were in dire need of surgery but couldn’t afford it.

Dr Hemapriya always had a passion for helping mothers feed their babies better. That was the reason for starting the blog – mylittlemoppet.com The blog clearly reflects her passion for helping new parents. Many of these parents asked her to make and sell them her ever popular Sathu Maavu Health Mix. .

Dr Hemapriya wanted to start providing Sathu Maavu and other healthy baby food products for mothers via e-commerce. Relatives and friends tried to dissuade her sayingas a doctor what did she know about ecommerce and the ‘murky’ side of business. Her husband, was the only one who supported her – both financially and emotionally – and thus began Little Moppet Foods in their very own kitchen.

After turning away one patient too many, they decided that enough was enough. It was time to do something and take matters into their own hands. They wanted to help the underprivileged  children affected by congenital heart disease, and realized that serving in the corporate sector wasn’t getting them anywhere. To make their shared dream of Little Moppet Heart Foundation a reality they decided to quit the corporate sector and move back to their hometown Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Thus began an NGO – Little Moppet Heart Foundation.

Battling an uncertain future, and many naysayers this doctor couple followed their heart. Dr Hema  realized that it wouldn’t succeed in isolation and wanted to bring in all her readers to share in this venture. The foundation’s name and logo was inspired by her blog and final was selected based on votes from their readers on Facebook. They were even able to get some  volunteers and supporters to help organize their camps from social media!

The very first camp of The Little Moppet Heart Foundation was held at Madurai College Higher Secondary School, Madurai on 13th November 2016.  The camp had a good turnout with around 100 pediatric patients. 25 of them were diagnosed with heart disease and  7 of them were scheduled for surgery.

There is indeed lot of hard work involved in any NGO and the same is true for LittleMoppetHeart Foundation. They still need to gather funds for upcoming surgeries. They are looking for sponsors and donations from all directions.

You can  join the Little Moppet Heart Foundation Facebook page and share their posts to spread the word. If you  know of anyone who needs their help, direct them to their foundation website or call them at  9786834441.