Disha Oberoi – How a Cabin Crew turned into the most famous RJ of Namma Bengaluru


If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space

A good voice with perfect modulation, great command over the language while speaking on air, loads of energy, originality, an amazing wit and a special connect with the audience -these are a few qualities a good Radio Jockey should possess. Today we bring you the story of  RJ  Disha Oberoi – not just the voice of namma Bengaluru but the lady who reaches the hearts of a zillion listeners. She is true to the saying  – An RJ is born and not made.

Born to Punjabi parents in Delhi, Disha was raised in Chennai (quite a concoction) and calls it the Idli-Butter Chicken mix. This energetic 27 year old hosts the show “ Morning No. 1”on 93.5 Red FM for 4 hours everyday and Bengalureans love to wake up to her lilting voice. She calls it her LIVING!

Disha was awarded for hosting the third best morning radio show in the world through her programme ‘Morning No. 1’, on June 22, 2015 in Manhattan, New York. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Journalism as well as Psychology. Having worked for 3 years as a flight attendant with Jet Airways, she was always complimented for her “ Lovely and Unique voice”. That’s when she decided to put her voice to good use and started off  being a Radio host in Chennai with Chennai Live 104.8 FM for 2 years. She subsequently shifted base to Bengaluru from where she hosts Superhits 93.5 RED FM till date. She calls it a mad house- the Arkham Asylum where a team of incredibly talented loonies work under one roof with spectacular music playing all day! She totally loves her job and says there’s just no looking back.

RJDisha01Disha rises when most of the world is asleep. She’s at the radio station by 0630 hrs and Bengaluru keeps her busy till 11 am . Unlike what most people assume, she works 10 hours a day and adds that it is a bonus that superhit music is playing all day long. Disha says that her job is a part of her life, it isn’t her life and she has parallel hobbies too. She is a certified advanced scuba diver. She has a P2 paragliding license. She plays squash and basketball and makes ample amount of time to indulge in adventure sports  every quarter. She’s  bungeed, surfed, zorbed, parasailed, rappelled, rafted, kayaked and is very excited as she looks forward  to a weeklong dive trip to the Andamans in a  few days.

She loves to swim and jumps into the pool for a quick swim on most evenings followed by a big snack.  Disha lovingly adds that meeting her friends is inevitable in a day’s schedule, so they catch up for a few hours either at her place or theirs, until it’s dinner time. Our RJ calls it a night by 10 pm. She needs  her 8 hour slumber fest before she gears up to wake Bengaluru again. The 2 big S’s of her  life are – Sleep & Sport.

Waking up early is not just about herself anymore but for the whole city of Bengaluru. For a nocturnal creature, it was a body-clock struggle. Now she is a rooster!

She further throws in an interesting bit of info and says that chilled drinks are an absolute NO-NO for her throat and hence she’s made her peace with cold beer for good.

Her philosophies are constantly evolving. Today, as we speak, she says “All in or Nothing” and adds that she’s heard this somewhere – “Sabse bada rog, kya kahenge log!”
She personally draws her inspiration from MSD –Captain, Team India. Her advice to youngsters is to never ever give up on their dreams and always aim at achieving them- success is sure to follow. Disha wraps it up by saying “Embrace Uncertainty” – It’s a high she equates to a sky dive!