Dipika Trehan- Meet this Bengaluru lady who is helping women fall in love with themselves, AGAIN!


Army kid Dipika Trehan is the woman behind The Health Of Women Forum. The idea of this came when Dipika realized that fitness in today’s times is perceived as being SIZE ZERO and since most of us don’t find it realistic enough, hence give up on it before we even begin. “The H.O.W. forum is a community in the making that focuses on real-time holistic wellness. It is about building strength, endurance, flexibility and stamina. It is also about the need to celebrate women@work for their strength, substance and intellect with beauty being an element, but not the defining one – after all there’s so much more to a woman!”

The idea is to make every woman fall in love again – this time with herself. The forum gets this done through interactions, workshops, seminars, facebook community, The Corporate Diva annual event, etc. I asked Dipika about the target audience and she told me, “Women across the various spectrum of age. Our aim is to enable a woman to put herself and her wellness on her own list of priorities, to which there is an innate tendency of ignorance.”

The H.O.W. Forum is a community in the making to promote and ensure the holistic health and fitness of a Woman. Their motto is – Making a woman fall in love again – this time with HERSELF! The forum is also the conceptualizer and organizer of a grand event celebrating WOMEN@WORK, Ms. CORPORATE DIVA. The event brings forth a platform to celebrate womanpower and convert aspirations of a working woman into reality.”

No good work reaches success without its own share of challenges. Dipika too had some challenges, but she dealt with them with determination. “As they say, the first step is the most important, however, the most challenging! Generating awareness about wellness and getting people/organisations to take the first step towards it is probably the most challenging part. Post awareness, acceptance and making them take the next step forward towards action is also a challenging task.”

She has been able to overcome her challenges by keeping the core foundation strong. “Most of us would agree on the importance of Health Fitness and Wellbeing in urban lifestyles. Reaching out and generating awareness enough, such that it leads to prompt action is the simplest way to overcome all challenges.”

Dipika attributed to her no nonsense, go-getter attitude to her Army background. “Though not easy being one, my childhood was full of exposure to many elements of life. This exposure has contributed hugely in making me a go-getter who is sensitive towards people across cultures.”

As you must’ve guessed by now, nothing can break Dipika down. “Tough times are an equal part of life as rosy times. I probably value tough times more as they never leave without teaching lessons and enriching the person that you are,” she quips, assuring that there is no problem which can leave her weak.

Dipika is doing a great job in helping women fall in love with themselves again and we wish her all the best!