CupidCare – This TiE Smashup 2016 finalist startup takes Sexual Health awareness to the next level!


The demographic survey for India states that “India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35. It is expected that, in 2020, the average age of an Indian will be 29 years” (Source: Wikipedia). Hence, we can safely say that India is getting younger and the face of problems that Indians as a country face is also constantly evolving.

While healthcare was always a major concern for our growing motherland, there is a newly emerging crisis in our country that could make or break our future. Limited or no awareness of sexual healthcare and sex-ed is that crisis. We live in a country where sexual health and anything related to sexual awareness is taboo. 50% of India’s population is young adult and whether we talk about it or not, they are at least 75% sexually active and they need a trusted verified and safe platform to clear their doubts and address their concerns/problems. CupidCare gives them exactly that.

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Founded by Sriram Varma and Krishna Teja, CupidCare is creating easier and anonymous access to sexual health through its online web application. Sriram and Krishna, who graduated from BITS Pilani and IIT BHU respectively, say they came up with the idea while they were working together with a Bay area based healthcare management consulting firm. A start-up based out of Hyderabad, they are using technology to break the taboos surrounding sexual health in our country. They are building India’s first virtual sexual health clinic.”

CupidCare, even before the product was launched, won around Rs 20 lakh after being selected as a finalist at the recently concluded TiE Smash Up 2016 event. If they had any further doubts, the response to their launch cleared it all for them. Launched in March 2016, CupidCare claims 1500+ visits in just two weeks of their launch.


How and what they do, you ask?

CupidCare platform allows you to directly consult sexual health experts over text chats and also enables customers to seek on-demand consultation over telephone and video. The platform has on-boarded 20+ Sexologists, Psychologists, Gynaecologists, Andrologists not just from Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, but also from tier-2 cities like Cochin, Indore, Vijayawada. In addition to the online consultations, the platform allows users to book diagnostic tests and also sexual health packages discretely.

Some of the upcoming CupidCare packages include Pre-marital check-ups & counselling, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, cybersex and porn de-addiction, menopause counselling for women. The platform will also be starting a regional language helpline for people in from Tier II and III cities and towns. Their understanding that their clients/patients require privacy and their utmost discretion is surely going to be the secret of their success.Doctors

Since most people only look up sexual health clinics online and have no way of personally verifying the authenticity, CupidCare does it for them to ensure a safe and secure experience. “As sexual medicine is not a recognized degree in India, we are very choosy while picking the doctors, and we make sure all the doctors we feature have a strong clinical experience in dealing with Sexual health clients,” says co-founder & COO Krishna.

Sriram feels that there is a great need for such service in India. “We are tackling a real problem. Every 1 in 5 Indians suffers from Sexual Health problems. Yet people barely open up. We decided to use technology to deal with this problem because it allows the user to anonymously consult with doctors, have video chats telephonic calls and text-based consultations from the comfort of home” elaborates 25-year-old founder & CEO Sriram Varma.

Though currently, there a lot of players in the healthcare segment, CupidCare has based its strategies of long-term survival on carving a niche and catering to a very specific need in the market. “Unlike other major horizontal players whose focus is on the number of doctors and specialties we are building a specialized & niche play in sexual health. We are not a listing platform connecting doctors and patients. We envision CupidCare to be a known brand and a go-to platform for any sexual health concern.”Dr Rahul

Currently operating with a team of 6 members, CupidCare gets support from Dr. A. Satyanarayana Reddy a senior Sexologist & Gynaecologist and Dr. Rahul Reddy Andrologist on clinical and domain expertise.

Well, Storified.Me Team would like to applaud and congratulate CupidCare for doing some excellent work in a very sensitive domain. One hopes that the taboo around sexual health breaks and CupidCare remains instrumental in doing just that.

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